Using Foods for Revitalizing Dry Hair

Saturday, April 5th 2014. | Lifestyle

One way to overcome dry hair is using foods for revitalizing dry hair. Having the perfect appearance of course will be the goal for many people because if they are able to have perfect appearance in their daily life, they will be able to increase confidence so they can do every single thing better. Perfect appearance will be about various things and of course hair cannot be ignored.

People can imagine how bad their day when it is bad hair day. That is why people are worried a lot when they haveĀ dry hair. They will buy various hair treatment products abruptly and will schedule to visit beauty salon. Actually, they can revitalize their hair by using some foods.

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Banana-Avocado and Oil

Many people do not mind to spend much of their money for buying the hair treatment for revitalizing the dryness of their hair. However, the hair treatment is made from synthetic ingredients which can bring certain side effects so people should choose natural treatment from foods.

They can mix banana and avocado mash. The mix should be applied for coating the hair thoroughly and let it for an hour before they can rinse the hair with warm water. Rubbing oil such as coconut oil or olive oil can be done and they also have to cover it with shower cap. They can do this before go to bed and they should rinse the hair with warm water in the morning.

Mayonnaise and Olive Oil Mix

Instead of using synthetic conditioner, people can use mayonnaise as conditioner by applying it and leaving it on hair for five minutes. They can rinse it using the cool to tepid water for locking the moisture in the cuticle. People can also mix two tablespoons of olive oil, a teaspoon of white vinegar, as well as three eggs in the bowl.

The mix should be applied on the hair and people should cover it with shower cap for half an hour before they can shampoo and rinse their hair. This method includes a natural way to overcome the problem of dry hair. Nutrients from the foods above are very good for revitalizing dry hair.