Best way to cure skin peeling after sunburn

Saturday, December 6th 2014. | Lifestyle

Is there any way to cure skin peeling after sunburn? It is often we experienced that after playing on the beach and exposed to a hot sun all day, the skin usually becomes burned. The skin becomes rosy and then in the a few days the skin started to peel off.

This of course should not be underestimated. You should begin to provide the appropriate care so that the condition is not getting worse. The following below are the best way to cure skin peeling after sunburn to be applied if you are experienced it:

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– Compress the skin peeling

One of the ways you can do to cure skin peeling after sunburn is by compressing the burned skin by a towel dipped in cold water or ice. However do not ever try to put ice directly on the burned skin, because this will only make things worse.

– Apply moisturizer

You can use a moisturizer that will give the effect of moist on your skin. You can choose the moisturizer on the market or even use of natural materials. There are a few natural ingredients that you can use to overcome this problem; one of them is by using Aloe Vera. Using the fresh Aloe Vera is the best way to overcome the sunburned skin. The way to apply it is simple. Cut the leaves of Aloe Vera then use its gel into troubled skin areas. The gel is behind this Aloe Vera skin contains active compounds that can fight the pain, infection, inflammation and can prevent the excessive peeling of skin that caused by sunburn.

– Drink water enough

To treat skin peeling after sunburn is not only required treatment from the outside. The treatment from the inside is also very required; one of the treatments is by drinking water enough. You should drink water about 8 glass of water per-day to get maximal result.

– Do not peel carelessly

After a few days, the sunburn skin usually begins to peel off. Of course and it feels itchy and very uncomfortable. However, do not ever try to peel it carelessly. This will only increase the inflammation on the skin surface and eventually cause the scar which is very disturbing appearance. Let the dead skin peeling off by itself.

In the providing skin care is should not be done haphazardly, especially to treating the skin that was peeling off. The best way to cure skin peeling after may be useful for you to overcome the peeling skin from the sun.