Causes and how to cope with frequent bedwetting in children

Bedwetting in children

In general, children between 2-4 years of age often bedwetting at night. This habit can actually disturb the health of the child. To the parents of the child must not only be angry with the child. Help your child, find solutions and ways to overcome problems your child is often bedwetting. Find out what the cause of your child often bedwetting.

Causes children often bedwetting

Actually, what causes children often bedwetting?. One reason, among others, because his bladder capacity is relatively smaller than the average, more likely to urine production (due to lack of production of antidiuretic hormone).

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Bedwetting occurs as a result of delay in the maturation process of the nervous system in children. The brain’s inability to capture the signal sent by the bladder is full when the child fell asleep. In fact, bladder capacity in children bedwetting smaller than normal children.

Some parents believe that the habit of bedwetting that occurs in children because they are caused by emotional factors. But there is no research in the field of medicine that is able to prove this statement.

How to overcome bedwetting in children

How to overcome bedwetting in children is associated with time. Patience and the role of parents is expected. But not a few of them are frustrated with the length of bedwetting children and try to do a variety of ways to overcome them, including by giving awards or prizes if the child does not bedwetting. It turned out that this action is quite successful in overcoming bedwetting. Parents who always motivate their children to control bedwetting habits greatly affect the ability of the child in control of urine.

Bedwetting is not a sign that the child is naughty or lazy, but could be a sign of underlying health problems. Bedwetting habits can also be caused by disease factors. Disease so children often bedwetting factor is urinary tract infections, metabolic disorders (diabetes early age), excessive pressure on the bladder, and spinal cord disorders. Excessive pressure on the bladder primarily due to the disruption caused by the accumulation of dirt, so dirt expenditure of the colon will suppress bladder.

To overcome bedwetting habits often caused by the disease depends on the underlying cause. With the underlying disease is cured expected interference will not occur again bedwetting. The success of this treatment depends on the success in finding and treating the underlying disease.

Bedwetting is a problem that often occurs in children are still learning to control the desire to urinate during sleep. Reduce your intake of fluids and to the bathroom for urination just before bed on a regular basis is one way to reduce the habit of bedwetting in children. Causes and how to cope with frequent bedwetting in children.

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