Causes and how to cope with tired eyes naturally

Causes and how to cope with tired eyes naturally – Too long staring at a computer or other activity that triggers eye over the extra work can make the eyes become tired. Eyes is one of the senses that has an important and valuable function. If someone is experiencing tired eyes then this condition will affect the ability of eyesight and degrade performance.

Eyeball, there are three sets of muscle groups. Outside of the eye muscles (extraoculer muscles) is usually contracted to look at distant objects, while the sphincter muscles to contract to see small objects. Then the ciliary muscles continue to contract in order to allow the lenses to change eye shadow shapes that appear more clearly.

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The human eye is designed in such a way that he can form a perfect picture of distant objects without the need to make one of these muscles work too hard. However, in order to see objects more clearly visible, typically, each set of muscles is stimulated its use.

The cause of tired eyes

  • Reading under the light is too dim, or otherwise, is too light can cause the sphincter muscles work excessively.
  • Pressure to the eye can also be caused by staring at the computer too long, too long to read in dim places without using glasses or contact lenses, oxygen supply is inadequate, pollution and cigarette smoke.
  • Environment, such as stress at work, home and a noisy environment so that reduced sleep time.
  • Diet, inadequate intake of water and some vitamins such as vitamin B12, D and K can contribute to cause eye fatigue.
  • Heredity and physiology, genetic factors influence though sometimes not very large and increasing age and cause thinning of the eye muscles are sagging.

Symptoms of tired eyes

The most common symptoms tired eyes are watery , heavy, reddish, dry eyes, blurred or double vision, irritation and more sensitive to light.

Tips to overcome the tired eyes naturally

  • Compress the eye with a cold towel or paper towels; Soak a cloth, towel or paper towels in cold water. Then place it in the eye, after a while lift the towel and repeat until your eyes feel fresh. This method also can help relieve itchy eyes.
  • Wash eyes with cold water; Wash eyes with cold water several times a day can help relaxing the eyes and reduce eye fatigue triggers.
  • Using a cold spoon; Putting cold spoons on the eyes. One of the simple home remedies for tired eyes is to put two tablespoons into the eyes that have previously been placed in the refrigerator.

Tips in order to cope with tired eyes naturally get better, it is good to consume foods which is required to the eyes.

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