Solution to heal the ear peeling skin inside

How to heal the peeling skin inside the ear? The dead skin will naturally peel off. The peeling process is an important and natural part of the skin renewal process. However, in some cases there may be excessive peeling of the face, fingers and other body parts. This can happen when the skin is exposed to sun for long periods of time, so harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays have damaged the top layer of skin.

But, what about ear peeling? Before looking for a way to treat ear skin itching and peeling. Which needs to be questioned in this case is what causes ear skin peeling and itching. One of the human senses are ears functioning to hear. What happens if we are no longer able to hear? A wonderful world this would feel empty, silent, and deserted. Relax, peeling ears will not be bad to damage hearing.

Causes of ear skin peeling
Solution to heal the ear peeling skin inside

Solution to handle the ear peeling

Based on the explanation from Dr. Janfrional, the cause of ear peeling and itching is the possibility of having middle ear infections (otitis media), and this is most likely to require treatment by examination and administration of antibiotics by ENT specialists.

The cause can be from the habit of scraping / excessive ear cleaning, respiratory infections, or due to conceding water while swimming. To handle this ear peeling it is recommended to go to an ENT specialist.

How to treat eczema in the ear

Eczema is a common skin disease of various ages from infant to adult and symptoms such as redness, blisters, dry skin, swelling, peeling, itching and wounds. There is wet and dry eczema and usually occurs on other of body parts such as the ankle, neck, back of the knee, upper chest and face.

In addition to other infectious causes, such as sweating, environmental irritation, allergies and stress. Eczema disease if not quickly treated can cause discomfort and become chronic or acute. Treatment or healing with ointments and so on for some people can aggravate the condition so using natural ingredients can be an alternative in treating or curing eczema.

Natural ingredients that you can use to overcome eczema in the ear are spinach leaves, grape seeds, turmeric etc. To treat peeling skin can apply olive oil. To treat wet skin can apply fine rice flour. To improve body immunity, patients are encouraged to eat green vegetables and fruit.

Causes of ear skin peeling and itching

Causes of ear skin peeling and itching, according to Dr. Janfrional. Probably you have an ear infection of the middle ear space (otitis media), and it is likely to require treatment with antibiotics and examination by the ENT specialist. Ear skin peeling may occur on the inside and outside.

The cause could be from habit scrape / clean the ear canal excessive, respiratory tract infection, or due to the penetration of water while swimming. As one of the five senses mainstay, maintain ear health is very important. Now, let us consider the various diseases of the ear, that we are always vigilant and cautious maintain healthy ears.

Often we clean the ear using a variety of tools, such as a cotton bud, the bottom of the pin, hair clip black. The best way to clean ears with a cotton bud is soft, but strong enough. Do not get broken while in use, resulting in the end of the cotton bud left inside the ear. Clean your ears can arbitrarily trigger various ear diseases.

Ear disease were divided into three groups. Disease outer ear, middle ear disease and hearing loss in old age. We sometimes have a tendency to clean the ear canal to the inside with a variety of tools that are very diverse. Or intend to scratch but use a tool that could harm the health of the ear.

For adult ears, maybe it is not too risk. However, not so for babies and toddlers. This could pose a huge risk. Thus our explanation about the health of the ear, not too much can we explain about the causes of ear peeling, but this may be useful.

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