Easy fainting does not mean weak heart

Easy fainting

Easy fainting does not mean weak heart. There are claims that people who easily fall unconscious is associated with a weak heart. In fact, the heart is weak or not simply caused by heart factors, but can also be caused by external factors.

Often fainting can not be directly identified with a weak heart. According to experts, most people who experience fainting caused not because of the weakness of the heart, but can be caused by hypersensitivity vagus.

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This occurs because of hormonal imbalance as a reflex reaction to prolonged standing. Vagus nerve brain itself is a great influence on the frequency of the human heartbeat.

In people who are sensitive or even hypersensitive, situation where the growing strength of contraction would likely activate mechanical receptors on the wall of the left heart chamber causing the so-called Bezold-Jarisch reflex.

Heart rate will be slow, peripheral veins dilate, and then going low blood pressure so that blood flow to the nervous system becomes impaired. Here syncope, which is one reflection of the vagus hypersensitivity occur.

As mentioned above, frequent fainting person is not simply due to the weak of heart, but it can also occur due to external factors. In the context of the vagus hypersensitivity may also occur in the form of carotid sinus syncope, ie fainting that occurs when a sudden turn.

Conditions turned suddenly, can be a nuisance when you use the collar tight and too high. Use a tight collar will cause a pressure on the carotid sinus in the neck slightly forward. Worse, this condition can cause a slow heart rate and cause syncope.

If the tests are conducted so-called electro-physiology in people, it is generally seen on the electrical function of the heart working normal. If there is any manipulation of light in suppressing the carotid sinus in the neck was going to appear in the form of a flat line on the monitor screen.

To prevent the slowing of the heart rate and syncope then try it so you do not wear clothing that has a collar tight and too high. Also, try also to not massage the neck ,to can cause pressure on the carotid sinus.

Besides reflecting hypersensitivity vagus above, can also occur so-called paroxysmal sinus arrest. In this context, could have been the main source of electricity in the heart of the experience stoppage time between 6-23 seconds even in the absence of an underlying causative factor.

Paroxysmal sinus arrest can happen anytime and to anyone, whether it was activism or at rest, day or night. In this case, when performed electrophysiological examination on the screen will appear normal. In general, treatment will be directed at the use of permanent pacemakers are implanted under the skin of the chest of the patient.

To prevent syncope caused not by a heart defect, it can be handled with a lot of regular exercise such as cycling, jogging, swimming, and more. However, if the syncope is caused by abnormalities in the heart that affects a person then it is advisable to consult a cardiologist immediately for appropriate action and avoid the risk of more severe.

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