Eradicate the mosquito nesting places list

How can eradicate mosquito nesting? Mosquito eradication is often associated with a draining bathtub, buckets, or barrels of water periodically. Though not as simple as that. Many other places that often go unnoticed but can be a mosquito nesting or breeding. The health ministry said that there are few places in the house that often go unnoticed, such as water reservoirs in the refrigerator and air conditioner (AC).

As it is known that the Aedes aegypti mosquito as a carrier of dengue fever happy nesting in clean water. Some places in the house that must be drained so that the mosquitoes do not develop, among others, bath, or a barrel of water, also toilet. But not only at home, children were vulnerable to contracting dengue in school.

Eradicate the mosquito nesting places list

Water reservoir under a tap dispenser is often overlooked, but can be an ideal place for mosquitoes to lay eggs. If not drained, the eggs will hatch, becoming larvae and within a few days into adult mosquitoes spreading the virus of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF).

And the latest now is water immersion agate. These people are now happy soaking agate. With the intent or purpose of what someone soaking agate. But it becomes a nest of mosquito breeding.

Eradicate mosquito nesting had to be more careful because of the various places that can become reservoirs of water very much. Even though a bottle cap if exposed to rain can be a container of water and become a mosquito leaves the egg.

The presence of mosquitoes is very annoying, especially if you want to rest the evening we often could not sleep because it continues to be plagued by his voice that often crosses our ears and sometimes also often biting our skin resulting in bumps we experienced. Therefore, in order that the mosquitoes do not bother us anymore, we need to take precautions for the mosquitoes that are not lodged in the room of our house, especially in our bedroom.

First, most mosquitoes like the atmosphere of a seedy, dirty, messy, smelly, etc. For that, we need to arrange the room with neat as possible and try not to get dirty or smelly clothes hanging or scattered in the room, because it can become breeding places of mosquitoes.

One of the characteristics of people who really like a mosquito bite is a pregnant woman. Pregnant women have some reason to be monitored by mosquitoes. Perhaps the condition of the body that changes during pregnancy so that her scent is observed.

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