Foods contain nutrients to the brain

Foods contain nutrients to the brain – Good nutrition for the brain to keep it functioning properly and optimally. The brain is the organ most importantly, act as controllers throughout the body, such as remembering, concentrating, drowsiness, learn new knowledge, and so forth.

Nutrients benefits for the brain

The brain needs energy in the body. Lack of nutrition of the brain, such as multivitamins, amino acids and minerals, can greatly affect the maximum power of the brain, which ultimately also affect stamina. When the mind or brain tired, your body will also feel tired, so it can not be productive.

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Actual brain nutrients available in foods such as fish, meat, eggs, shrimp, vegetables, fruits, and so forth. Other foods that can be used as an alternative example is a food supplement that provides nutrients to the brain.

Some tips to keep your brain include nutrition and enough sleep every day between seven to eight hours per day, exercising three times a week at least 25 minutes or so, after the brain is working hard for an hour, rest for five minutes, reduce stress and meditation and living with positive thoughts.

Brain growth can also be influenced by the affection and emotional education. From an early age should be given the stimulation of the brain with age. Stimulant for the left brain can be done with practice the language, logic, mathematics, reading or writing. In contrast, the right brain associated with imagination, emotion and interpersonal.

Types of foods contain nutrients to the brain

  • Fish meat; Proven fish as food for your brain. High content of omega 3 in fish meat and various other essential fatty acids helps in brain development and function. Eat two servings of fish per week for healthy brain and your heart.
  • Chocolate and nuts; Chocolate and nuts were important as brain food. The content of vitamin E in chocolate and nuts acts as an antioxidant that will protect your brain cells from free radicals in your neighborhood. Eat an ounce of chocolate or nuts every day for your brain.
  • Avocado and wheat; Avocado and wheat expedite blood flow and prevent veins from plaque formation. If the blood flow smoothly then the blood supply to the brain is also smooth.
  • Blueberries; Blueberry fruit shown to protect brain from oxidative stress and aging effects on brain cells.

The brain would be maximized if the pattern of life that we live does not fall apart. Adequate sleep will give the brain time to rest to be ready to start the next day’s activities. And regular exercise can make a more relaxed and the supply of oxygen to the brain would be sufficient.

In addition to the above foods, your daily diet menu also determined. See that you always meet the nutritional diet balanced with enough calories for your daily needs. So the natural brain nutrients and healthy.

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