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How to deal with oily hair

How to deal with oily hair

Oily hair will be the common problem during summer. Things can be worse with extra sweating. It is almost impossible to maintain light, shiny and bouncy hair with the extra oil around. The oily state actually set by the sebum overproduction in the scalp. Those who inherited the oily hair genetically will have constant battle with it. But even without any genetic factor, certain environmental problem may cause the same problem.

No matter what the source of the problem, it will be a wrong step to wash the hair more often to deal with the unwanted oily hair. When you do this to the greasy hair, it will damage the hair natural nourishing oil.  In turn, this attempt will stimulate sebum gland to produce more oil. It will give you too much oil to deal with.

way to cope with oily hair, dealing with oily hair, oily hair Home remedies, greasy hair quick fix

You need to choose the hair care product carefully. Using a product with rich moisture variation will be another reason to trigger the greasier situation. To limit the problem, you need to stick with the hair care product that specially set for your hair type.  For an instant solution, having a dry shampoo will be a real help.

This kind of shampoo will be your best buddy when you want to have daily hair washing. Some products such as mousses, hair sprays and gels are on danger list for those with greasy hair. This is set by the chance for accumulative residue that supports the oily hair condition.

If you have difficulty to find the styling product with minimum residue, you can ask for recommend product from your hairdresser. It is also important limit any excessive brushing when you have oily hair.

To clean the oil, you can try the home made mix citrus fruit juice with water to cleanse the oil.  For the best result, you can use lemon. You need to make sure to use the mixture in moderation. Home remedies is one way to cope with oily hair safe and fast way.

How to Care Your Oily Hair

Sometime you feel so bad with your oily hair. Your oily hair will cause some hair problems too. You must know the cause of your oily hair and how to care your oily hair too. Oily hair usually caused by hair oil or it is often called as sebum being on overload on your hair. Some women who have oily hair will try to wash and wash again their hair so they can be free from oily hair problem.

Actually when you wash your hair too often, you will make your hair gets some other problems. You can make your hair gets irritation and sometime it can cause dandruff too. So, what you must do for your oily hair? Here are some tips to care of your oily hair.

First it is so important to wash your hair in regularly time but you should not wash your hair too often. You can wash your hair once per day or you can wash your hair three times per weeks. It helps you to balance your hair oil in your hair.

Second, you need to wash your hair by using special shampoo. There are some types of shampoo that you can choose. You need to choose shampoo for oily hair. This shampoo will reduce your hair oil without making your hair gets other hair problems.

Third, when you want to use conditioner, you must choose light weight conditioner. You should not apply your conditioner to your hair roots because it will make your hair in worse condition. You can increase hair sebum when you apply conditioner in your hair roots.

When you do some tips above, you will be able to have healthy hair and you will be free from oily hair problems too. You should check your shampoo and conditioner again and make sure that you use best product for your hair.

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