How to handle the nosebleeds in children

How to handle the nosebleeds in children – Panic is a natural thing when he saw blood flowing from the nose children. However, it would be better if immediate action is to treat nosebleeds. If necessary, find out what causes nosebleeds in children in order to minimize the risk of your child experience it again.

The cause of nosebleeds in children

Nosebleeds are classified into two, mild and heavy. Mild nosebleed if bleeding from the front of the nasal cavity. While a severe nosebleed occurs when bleeding from the inside or back of the nasal cavity. This bleeding should be awared and sought to know what causes it.

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Nosebleed disease can be experienced by anyone, although more common in children. Please note, that in the nasal cavity in front of there is a collection of veins. Well, in children, a collection of veins are typically more vulnerable to rupture and cause bleeding. Normally, veins and mucous cells in the nasal cavity will be stronger after the child was 9 years old.

The cause of nosebleeds :

  • Clash of the nose, for example because the child fell or hit his nose.
  • Habit of picking his nose with a redundant manner, such as itching, or a child trying to remove the dried nose crust.
  • Nose intruding foreign objects, such as grains, or other small objects that cause infection and bleeding (usually marked with a foul smell from his nostrils).
  • Weather changes, for example, from playing in the sun and into the air-conditioned house, or deal with changes in air pressure.
  • Infectious diseases, especially those accompanied by a sudden high fever, like dengue fever.
  • Blood diseases, such as leukemia (blood cancer) and hemophilia (blood can not clot).

How to cope with nosebleeds in children:

  • Ask the children to sit back with his head slightly bent forward, so that blood does not flow to the back (the ingested blood can induce coughing or nausea to vomiting).
  • If the situation is too weak, lay with a pillow on his back.
  • Pinch both nostrils with the fingers for about 5 minutes. Meanwhile, ask your child to breathe through the mouth.
  • Clean his blood.
  • Cold compress on the bridge of the nose can also help stop the bleeding.
  • When the bleeding had not stopped, the plug nose with gauze or a clean handkerchief, then take the child to the doctor immediately. During the trip, make sure that children are always in a sitting position leaning.

One thing to remember in doing relief is to be calm. Panic will only make you act so irrational and detrimental to the child. If after 10 minutes the bleeding still continues, and with the heat, you should immediately take the child to the doctor. Because, this could be an indication of a serious illness, such as dengue fever, a malignant tumor in the nasal cavity, blood cancer, or haemofilia.

The doctor will look for sources of bleeding with the help of a vacuum to clean the nose of blood clots. Then, the nose corked special tampon for the nose for 3-5 minutes. In this way can be known whether the source of bleeding from the front or back of the nasal cavity. In the particular case required laboratory tests and / or radiology. Hopefully information on some of the causes of nosebleeds in children and how to cope with nosebleeds above can help.

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