How to Protect Our Hair from Damaged

How to protect your hair from damage when using a flat iron. Damaged hair can be indicated by the dryness of the hair. There are many factors that can make our hair get damaged. The mot common reason is chemical substance. Our hair may be exposed with these chemical substances when we get hair treatments too often.

That is why too frequently changing hair color is not good. It also can be caused from heat. Whether it comes from sun, the use of both curling and flatting iron, and pressing comb, all of them lead to injured hair. It is better to have natural hair rather then straight hair but damaged, right?

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If you never experienced damaged hair, you should do some prevention before it happen. First, knowing the type of your hair is a must because when you know the characteristic of your hair, you know to decide the most suitable treatment for it. For example, by knowing the type of hair, we can decide the right temperature to work with your hair dryer. Then, protect your hair from the excessive of heat.

Hair dryer, curling iron, and flatting iron is hair treatment tools that produce heat. That is why you should use it wisely. Iron is trusted to be more dangerous than hair dryer. So, to avoid the damaged, you should work fast. Don’t let your hair are being exposed with irons more than five seconds.

If you have experienced damaged hair, you should find the right solution to keep your hair healthy. You can make the home treatment for your hair. Egg is known to be good for hair. You can make hair conditioner by mixing two eggs with half cup of mayonnaise. Apply the mixture on your hair a. Wait until twenty minutes and smelling was leaved and washes your hair. You will be fascinated with the result because it will make your hair turn to be better a lot.

Why You Get Damaged Hair

Hair is important part of the human body which will impact the self-esteem and someone’s look so that many people really concern for their hair condition but some actions can be against them because of causing damaged hair and it happens since the simple habits but actually the effect will be seen after long time.

Some people try caring their hair with products without knowing what the best product which is ideally used for the hair condition. Picking the wrong selection makes the hair damages as well as doing some practical treatment for hair will affect the hair condition.

Simple Habits Causing Damaged Hair

Hair damage can happen because of some factors, some of which are chemical, physical, environmental and nutritional. Processing hair with chemical products such as using hair colouring and bleaching may have effect for a while but with time it can damage the hair. The way you do physical action toward hair, such as drying, brushing and combing will cause the hair fall and other hair damage.

You should pay attention toward the environment where you have activities, water, sun, and air can influence the hair condition. You lifestyle more or less will affect the body including the hair; the food you consume, drinking habits, or diet program has role in hair damage process.

Starting New Habits for Healthy Hair

Having healthy hair not only enhances someone’s look but also impact toward the self-esteem to be more confident. Changing the bad habits gradually is very important and starting new good habits. Start from daily life by changing the eating habit by only consuming healthy food.

Try avoiding using excessive heat when drying the hair and stop using chemical products for hair treatment will be useful. Starting to convert using natural ingredients for hair care is not only keeping the hair healthy but also save the money.

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