How to remove acne scars using a mask of honey and cinnamon

How to remove acne scars using a mask of honey and cinnamon. Using herbal ingredients will be better when compared with the chemical-based beauty products. You do not have to worry about the health effects later in life. Because very believable without side effects.

In addition to honey and cinnamon, there are many natural ingredients that can be used to make homemade face mask. But this time we will review how to remove acne scars using a mask of honey and cinnamon.

Even though cinnamon has a spicy flavor, but a mixture of honey and cinnamon powder, was able to treat acne. Because, cinnamon has antimicrobial properties that can stop bacteria. While honey contains a natural antibiotic.

Application of these herbal ingredients is simple and very easy to do. Actually acne medicine from herbs are very easy to get, that of raw honey and cinnamon. Both of these materials even has become a face mask at spas and facial salons. Its application is quite simple and very easy to do at home.

How to make a mask face of honey and cinnamon to remove acne scars?

  1. Mix 1 tablespoon of raw honey and 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  2. Make sure your face is already cleaned.
  3. Use a mixture of honey and cinnamon powder on the face.
  4. Wait for 20-30 minutes.
  5. Rinse with cold water and pat dry with a clean towel.
  6. Do this 2-3 times a week.

Benefits of cinnamon for health

  • Anti-infective; Cinnamon contains natural anti infection that can help eliminate the bacteria H. pylori cause of stomach ulcers, and various other diseases caused by bacteria.
  • Improves brain function; Cinnamon can also help improve the functioning of our brain. Only with the scent of cinnamon may help increase brain activity. The aroma of cinnamon can improve a person’s cognitive processes and assist in concentrating, remembering, and speed work on a computer program. It is suitable for those who study the field of IT.
  • Reduce rheumatic; If you have rheumatic, you can use cinnamon. Cinnamon can you make as an alternative to cure rheumatism.
  • Control blood sugar; By making use of cinnamon, blood sugar in your body can also be controlled with ease. Cinnamon can help the process of digestion after meals and help improve the body’s response to insulin in patients with diabetes type 2. One cinnamon also known can to lower blood sugar levels, bad cholesterol, triglycerides, and total cholesterol in diabetic patients.
  • Prevent blood clots; Cinnamon also produce oils that can help prevent blood clots. Based on studies, cinnamon can secrete anti-inflammatory fatty acid called arachidonic that can reduce inflammation and blood clots.
  • Lowers cholesterol; As mentioned in the above explanation, that cinnamon can also be utilized to reduce cholesterol in your body. Calcium, minerals, fiber, and other very well in controlling cholesterol levels. In addition, cinnamon is also highly suitable for maintaining digestive health, colon, as well as protect against heart disease.
  • Improving heart health; As explained above, that cinnamon may also help maintain and improve the health of your heart. Based on studies, cinnamon can reduce lipid, platelet adhesion and also has anti-inflammatory properties. Consume cinnamon regularly can help keep your heart healthy and avoid disease.

The side effects of cinnamon on health

  • In addition to providing tremendous benefits to health, cinnamon also can give side effects to the health of the body. The use of cinnamon wrong or excessive or in people who are allergic, can cause irritation of the mouth, lips, and other parts that can cause injury. Usually it will cause redness when used on the skin.
  • Not only cause irritation, excessive use of cinnamon can also cause poisoning. Especially for someone who has a disorder of the liver. Cinnamon contains coumarin that can cause a wide variety of liver disorders. And for people with diabetes may need to adjust the treatment if using cinnamon supplements. Do not overdo it, because it can lower blood sugar is too drastic if excessive.

It is very good for medicine and health care, but the risk of cinnamon as a natural remedy is still relatively less, so it is not recommended for children, or for women who are pregnant and lactating. And also for those of you who are taking regular medication, you should consult your doctor before taking cinnamon as a medicine. Because, cinnamon can interact with antibiotics, diabetes medication, blood thinners, heart medications, and so forth.

Not just how to remove acne scars using a mask of honey and cinnamon. Perhaps many of you who do not know the benefits and side effects of the use of cinnamon. This is a review more details before you use the natural treatment at home. Just as an extra for you to add to the health sciences.

Acne does not only occur on the face, but also on the chest and back. You can also use a natural way to get rid of back acne. To obtain maximum results, do it thisĀ way to remove acne scarsĀ using a mask of honey and cinnamon 2-3 times a week. Always make sure that you use the raw honey.

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