How to remove blackheads using toothpaste

Sunday, September 6th 2015. | Lifestyle

A lot of blackheads on the nose? How to remove blackheads? Blackheads is one of the hygiene problems face the rather annoying, but it seems somewhat less attention than the problem of acne on the face and also the signs of aging on the face.

Causes of blackheads itself occurs due to accumulation of dirt and dust as well as bacteria and cause the pores of the skin become covered. Actually blackheads do not pose a significant hazard to the health of the face, but if not carefully considered, blackheads will be congested and blackened.

Remove Blackheads, Get Rid of Blackheads

Most blackheads appear on the nose. Your skin will feel slightly rough and feels like there are grains of sand stuck. That is called blackheads. Blackheads are actually quite easy to be removed and treated. But sometimes blackheads less concern, so as to accumulate. You can use soap to wash your face to remove blackheads.

How to remove blackheads using toothpaste

Have previously been described in a previous article how to remove blackheads using egg whites. If it turns out you have allergies or do not fit with a wide range of skin care soap, then you can try using toothpaste to remove blackheads.

Why toothpaste? This is due to the content of fluoride in toothpaste can clean the face of blackheads. In addition, use toothpaste that has a mint flavor, as it will provide a fresh effect to the face.

The first way you can do to get rid of blackheads on your face is enough to smear toothpaste on your nose or blackheads. Just use your fingertips to rub it on your nose. Wait until you feel a little hot, then rinse with clean water.

The second way that you can do to get rid of blackheads by using toothpaste mixed on salt. It is very simple, because almost certainly every house has a salt. Salt used to be a salt that contains iodine. Sprinkle salt iodized, with a ratio of 1: 1 with toothpaste, then apply on the face of blackheads. Wait until 5-10 minutes while doing the massaging motion. Then rinse with clean water.