Signs and symptoms a person has diabetes

Signs and symptoms a person has diabetes – Diabetes is a chronic disease that can lead to many complications if not properly controlled. The characteristics of people who suffer from diabetes. Diabetes is a disorder of glucose utilization that occurs in the body.

Diabetes does not just happen. Before he was diagnosed with diabetes have normal phase, and finally increased to pra-diabetes and diabetes.

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Diabetes is a disease with increased blood glucose is above normal. Where blood glucose levels regulated by the hormone insulin produced by the pancreas. Some people do not realize how serious diabetes. That’s because it is not yet experiencing symptoms.

The symptoms and signs of diabetes

There are some common symptoms of diabetes in which a person should consult a doctor. Especially for people aged over 45 years, it is important to always check their blood glucose levels every year. The reason why many people do not know they have diabetes because they underestimate the symptoms of diabetes or do not feel symptoms.

Some diabetes symptoms you should know is that too much urine, hunger and excessive thirst, weight loss is sudden or abnormal, slightly blurred vision, sore or wound that is difficult recovery, the occurrence of infection or inflammation of repeated, painful head, fatigue, itching and dry skin. However, feel some of these symptoms does not mean you are definitely suffering from diabetes, because some of these symptoms also occur in other diseases. To be sure you should be checked by a doctor.

  • Frequent urination; Urination will be frequent if it is too much glucose in the blood. If insulin is not there or less then the kidneys can not filter the blood glucose to return to. Then the kidneys will draw additional water from the blood to destroy glucose.
  • Often feel thirsty; Because of frequent urination, you will become more frequent thirst, because the difficult process of destruction of glucose in the blood is then sucked up the water to destroy it. So that a person needs to drink more to replace the water lost.
  • Lose weight fast; In patients with type 1 diabetes (genetic factors). Pancreas stops making insulin because the virus attacks the cells of the pancreas or autoimmune response. As a result the body is difficult to find an energy source because the cells do not get glucose to break down muscle tissue and fat for energy so the weight continues to shrink. In patients with type 2 diabetes (change in lifestyle factors), weight loss occurs gradually with increasing insulin resistance so weight loss is not so visible.
  • Feeling weak and tired; Because glucose production is hampered so that the cells from glucose foods that should be distributed to all body cells to make energy so it does not run. Because the cells do not have the energy intake so that people will feel tired.
  • Frequent tingling in the feet and hands; This symptom is called neuropathy. Occurs gradually due to high glucose in the blood and nervous system damage. People often do not realize that this is one sign. High blood sugar condition may have occurred several years before diagnosis. Nerve damage can spread undetected.

It is important for us to know the symptoms of diabetes and early treatment of these symptoms so that attacks are more serious diabetes can be avoided. Early treatment can we consider the pattern and diet, before using the drug and additional insulin. A healthy lifestyle plays an important role in preventing or reducing the risk of complications with other diseases, in which a healthy diet and exercise are crucial factors in it. And also must remember to always check our health to the doctor regularly, to ascertain the truth diabetes or not.

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