how much protein in milk, high protein foods, protein in whole milk

Using boiling water can damage the protein in milk

Milk is usually known as a beverage amplifier bones and teeth because of its calcium content. In a healthy menu known the term “four healthy five perfectly”. This enhancer is milk. This term is not excessive because it has a clean white drinks nutrition drinks complete than others so that the milk has many properties that are beneficial for the body.

Most people have been brewing in the habit of milk with high-temperature hot water, and habits of the place without us knowing it. Brewing with boiling water or milk temperature is too high it will damage the protein in the milk. We recommend using warm water temperatures below 70 degrees celsius.

how much protein in milk, high protein foods, protein in whole milk

If using hot water from the dispenser should not directly pour hot water in the milk and then mix the cold water. But hot and cold water from the dispenser mixed first and water mixtures are made to brew milk.

Likewise, if you want to warm the milk purchased in the form of liquid milk was warmed briefly enough just do not need to boil. And you should drink milk made soon, because if left unchecked will allow the occurrence of oxidation.

Store the milk in an airtight and moisture, for example in milk cans would often open the lid, so it should be stored in a place that is not damp to avoid contamination.

Also not too late to drink milk, because a lot of benefits milk to be had. While still primarily breastfed baby milk are good sources of nutrients. When children and adolescents milk good for growth. Whereas when mature milk can help keep the amount of calcium in the blood to remain normal.

Consumed milk contains carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamin B1, B12, A, D and K, calcium, minerals and lactoferin very important to stimulate the immune system, especially in children.

For people aged over 30 years should choose low-fat milk (low fat) while for menopausal should choose non-fat milk (no fat).

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