What causes body odor in armpits

We already have a few tips on how to prevent body odor naturally, eliminate body odor using baking soda. But what causes body odor in the armpit? This is the real problem that we have to find out. Because if we already know the cause then we can prevent it.

Many of the problems posed in this regard, even as using deodorants will leave the body odor on clothes armpit area. We want to prevent body odor by using deodorants, rather it makes a stain on clothing that is even difficult to remove.

The main cause of body odor are sweat, but why in the armpit are more smelly? All the bodies could have been sweating, but armpit area remains more smell. This is because the bacteria that are stored in the armpits.

What causes body odor in armpits

Body odor in the armpit caused by several factors propionic acid is produced naturally by the body, isovaleric acid produced by bacteria or germs that can multiply in the area of skin that is moist, too much stress which causes the hormone the body produces sweat several times from normally, and the occurrence of hormonal changes eg from childhood became a teenager.

In general, eliminate the cause of body odor in the armpits practically is using deodorant or perfume. But you should know that the performance of these two tools will not last long.

Tips to eliminate body odor in the armpit

Cleansing the body regularly. Irregular bath will affect your body odor. Try to cleanse your body regularly at least 2 times a day. With the clean-up activity of the body regularly, you can also avoid the germs and bacteria that cause body odor.

The main cause of body odor is armpit producing too much sweat. In the use of deodorants, make sure the content in it does not make fungus on your armpit if used for too long and does not cause irritation in your armpit.

In addition, a very important thing to know is the condition of your underarm must be clean in order not to give the opportunity for bacteria to process your sweat evaporate become body odor. The trick is to diligently clean your armpit hair either by means revoked or shaved. Do this treatment when your armpit hair start to make you uncomfortable.

So instead of just looking for a way to eliminate body odor, but to find out what causes body odor in the armpit. After that preventive action body odor. Hopefully this article useful for you thanks.

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