4 Homemade face mask to remove acne and blackheads naturally

How to remove acne and blackheads using face mask made from natural ingredients? Not only women, men also want to have a clean and beautiful face without acne. One way to clean your face is to use a face mask.

For those who do not have acne and blackheads you should know some of the causes of acne. Many things that cause acne, one of them is acne can arise due to hormonal factors, lack of hygiene to face, and other factors both internal and external.

remove acne and blackheads
remove acne and blackheads using natural mask

Natural face masks not only for treat acne but also remove acne scars and blackheads. Acne will cause the acne scars that would ruin the appearance of the face. Therefore it is very important to care for and clean your face regularly. Especially if you often move outside the home that is certainly often exposed to dust and the like.

There are many ways to remove acne and blackheads you can do. Medical treatment will require no small cost. Therefore you can choose the path of natural remedies with ingredients easily found in any surrounding us.

Natural way of treating acne and blackheads is to save costs. By making natural facial mask at home by using ingredients such as honey, lemon, cucumber, and others. The following we will explain how to make a face mask.

How to remove acne and blackheads using face mask

  1. Honey Mask
  2. Lime Mask
  3. Cucumber Mask
  4. Banana Mask

1. Honey can make your acne faster dry and the skin becomes tighter. How to make a mask of honey is very easy. You take one tablespoon of pure honey, can add a little lemon or sugar as a scrub.

Apply on the face that had been cleaned thoroughly. Let stand 15 to 25 minutes, then rinse with cold water or ice water until your skin clean. Why cold water? because the cold water will make the pores closed.

2. Lime is very powerful as one way to overcome acne and blackheads naturally. It is inseparable from the content of vitamin C is so high in lime was able to make easy acne to dry and remove acne scars.

How to make a mask of lime. Lime split into two parts and then squeeze the water. Apply evenly to the entire face. Then silence a few minutes then rinse thoroughly.

3. In addition to lime, cucumber also contain substances that can be used as one way to eliminate acne and blackheads on the face. In the manufacture of mask made from cucumbers, should choose cucumbers that are not too old and not too young.

The next step is blending a cucumber until smooth like porridge. But make sure not to throw the cucumber water, because the water helps acne dry faster. You can add a bit of honey in order to mask work more optimally.

Step afterward just need to put on a cucumber mask over the face until evenly distributed. Let stand a few minutes to dry. Rinse with water until clean.

4. Bananas have anti-oxidant content and also mucopolysaccharides that can make your face become brighter, using banana mask can also eliminate acne and blackheads. Bananas contain potassium can also be used on sensitive skin and does not make your skin dry.

How to make a banana mask to treat acne is easy enough. Mashing two bananas with moderate size, mash until smooth. You can add two teaspoons of honey that can be formed into a paste. Apply on the skin, let stand about 15 to 20 minutes then rinse with warm water.

For maximum results, these measures should be done routinely. Do at least 2 times a week. If your acne is very severe, then you can do this treatment every day. Do not forget to always clean your hands first before holding acne.

Based on my experience, in addition to the face exposed to dust if out of the house, using a pillowcases are rarely washed can also cause acne. The pillowcases are rarely washed will result in more dust attached.

Do not squeeze acne because it will leave a black stain on your face. This article about how to remove acne and blackheads using homemade mask naturally can hopefully recover quickly and do not forget if it gets worse, you should consult a dermatologist nearby.

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