An easy way to overcome limp hair

Overcome limp hair

This is an easy way to overcome limp hair. Limp hair is a problem that often disturbing look of hair. Sometimes it is treated with wash every day. But in fact the hair wash every day it tends to quickly turn into a limp. Woke up late makes you have to rush to get ready to the activity. If so, you do not have time shampooing and hair look limp and greasy.

Have easy hair limp due to perspiration after activity. Of course, makes us feel uncomfortable. Besides stiflingly hot, it can also ruin the appearance. Actually oil or “sebum” issued from the scalp is to help keep hair soft, supple and healthy. This substance is naturally produced from within the body and is sometimes produced in excess.

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And sometimes to get quick results, not infrequently nowadays many use chemicals or a hair dryer that turned out to makes hair getting damaged. Below are some ways that can be a safe choice to make beautiful hair and not limp.

Shampooing bangs, your hair look dull and greasy, but you do not have much time to wash it in the morning. To still look attractive, just wash the hair at the bangs alone, then dry with a hair-dryer. As for the rest of the other hair, pretty ponytail simple.

Use dry shampoo or baby powder. Dry shampoo is very helpful when it did not get shampooing. Dry shampoo is sprayed into the hair to absorb the oil and make hair more volume. If you do not have dry shampoo, sprinkle baby powder on the scalp. Same function, hair can absorb oil.

Headband, to cover up your limp hair that can camouflage with a headband or bandana large. Drag across bangs with headband or bandana and voila limp hair covered.

Give volume, how else can one do when the hair is being ‘stubborn’, was create by order of volume ‘messy look’. To get the effect of hair volume, turn the head toward the bottom, then spray a hair spray. Knead your hair by hand to create a random hair style volume.

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