headache causes back head, Cause of Headache in Back, headache back head pressure

Cause of Headache in Back of Head and Eyes

Cause of headache in back of head and eyes. Many people often suffer from headache. However, do you know that different people suffer from different throbbing head? There are several headache types that commonly happen. Some of them are not serious and can be threaten. However, some of them are severe that the sufferer cannot do their daily routine because of it.

One of the severe headaches is the cluster headache. Some people that get this kind of headache say that the pain concentrated in back of head and eyes. It is usually also accompanied by watery eyes and runny nose. This kind of headache usually attacks the sufferer for days before it subsides. After these attacks, the sufferer will be free from this headache for months.

headache causes back head, Cause of Headache in Back, headache back head pressure

What is the cause of the cluster headache? The cause of headache in back of head and eyes is still unclear. Some experts believe that it is cause by sudden increases of temperature, inhaling nitroglycerin, or smoking. Those causes enlarge the veins so that it creates throbbing pain.

However, based on the research, the attacks occur because of the hypothalamus releases some chemicals that make the vein to enlarge. In consequence, it causes the painful attacks because there is too much blood flow into the brain.

This kind of headache is a bit rare; mostly it affects men than women. This headache must be treated with prescribed medication from the doctor. Another alternative treatment for cluster headache is the oxygen therapy. If the medication is not working, a surgery might be an alternative.

The medication will give different effectiveness from person to person. Therefore, it might be tried one by one and observed how it can relieve the pain. In order to avoid any cluster headache attacks in the future, the sufferer must also do some prevention. Taking certain medication prescribed from the doctor will lessen the attacks.

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