cause of back headache, back of your head hurts, reasons for bad headaches, several types of headaches

Cause of Headache In Back of Head and Neck

What is the cause of headache in back of head and neck. Having a headache attack is very infuriating. Because of it, you cannot do what you want and need to do. There are several types of headaches. One of the things that differentiate between one headache and the others is the location on which parts of your head that feels the pain.

One of them is the tension headache. This kind of headache usually makes your back of your head and neck throbbing. The tension headache is very common. It occurs almost on everyone pretty often. The tension headache is pretty mild. Many people can still be able to do their daily routine. However, it can be annoying if it happens in regular episodes.

cause of back headache, back of your head hurts, reasons for bad headaches, several types of headaches

The cause headache in back of head and neck are various. First of all, it is caused by the stress you got at the office. Too much pressure and tight deadlines can strain your nerve. That’s why you suffer from this tension headache. Another cause of this headache is your habit.

Some of your bad habits that can cause you to have the episode of tension headache are not enough rest, bad posture, and poor diet. If you cut your meals or skipping meals in order to be slimmer, you will likely suffer from this headache often. Abnormal blood pressure may also cause you to suffer from this headache.

Therefore, you must live healthily in order to have normal blood pressure so that you do not need to feel it. To help you reduce your tension headache, you must find the cause of it. Remember whether you had enough rest last night or had already eaten today.

If you have not done one of them, you must do it immediately. If your headache won’t go away, in order to avoid having the tension headache episode you must have enough sleep, don’t get too tired and stressful, and live a healthy life. Besides headache in back of head and neck, migraine headaches are also common.

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