Cause of Headache in Back, Headache of Right Side, Cause of migraine headaches

Cause of Headache in Back of Head Right Side

What is the cause of headache in back of head right side? Headache is quite common occurs in everyone’s life. However, the degree of severity of the headache that occurs on people is different. Some people are still able to carry out their routines even though they are suffering from headaches.

However, some other people cannot do anything because of the severity of the headache attacks. One of the headache attacks that disturb the daily activities of the sufferers are migraines. Migraines are throbbing pain on one of the sides of the head and or both sides of the head.

Cause of Headache in Back, Headache of Right Side, Cause of migraine headaches

The cause of headache in back of head right side is various. One of them is the changing weather. Sometimes, people who often get migraine will be more prone to get migraine attack when the day is too hot and sunny. Migraine is also caused by too bright lights and dehydration.

Fatigue and stressed out can also trigger the migraine attack. Between men and women, women are more often suffer from migraine. It is believed that the changing of hormone during a cycle can trigger a migraine attack. It usually happens during their periods.

People who suffer from migraine usually experience not only a throbbing head. It is often that migraine is also accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and loud noises. For a non-chronic migraine, people usually can treat it with over-the-counter drugs. For the best treatment, you must find out what cause your migraine.

If it is stress and fatigue, you must do some rest and relaxation. To speed up your recovery, you can lay down in a darkened and quiet room while you are taking the medication. You must seek the doctor’s help. Getting a prescribed medicine for your migraine is better than relying on the painkillers. It is painkillers will less effective if used for a long period.

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