boils treatment, home remedies for boils, abscess causes

Causes and how to treat boils (skin abscess)

Boils is an inflammation that occurs in the area of hair follicles and surrounding skin. The most common cause of boils is the bacteria staphylococcus aureus experienced, because it boils can also be interpreted as a local infection in the skin. Initially only the infected hair follicle, but due to friction, irritation, and less net body treatment, the infection can spread to surrounding tissues and become boils.

The cause may well initially because of an ingrown hair, wound, or because the entry of foreign objects into the skin. Boils usually begins with red bumps and soft on the skin, which over time will become harder. Then in the middle of the lump will form a white top that will break down or be removed by a doctor (through a minor surgical procedure). The liquid that comes out is called pus, containing white blood cells (which sent the body to fight bacteria that infects the skin), bacteria and protein.

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Boils acne cyst usually occurs in young skin. Boils acne cyst caused by clogged oil glands, which then infected. Another with boils Hidradenitis suppurativa. Boils Hidradenitis suppurativa is caused by local inflammation of the sweat glands. Boils usually arising more than one fruit, its location in the armpit or groin. Boils called pilonidal cyst, usually occurs in the folds of the buttocks. Initially only the form of the infection in the hair follicle, then added with irritation of the pressure from sitting too long. The occurrence of boils are common place in many areas of the body friction, for example in the armpits and buttocks.

Boils can be treated by compress with hot water (warm). Compress with hot water can increase blood circulation to the area. Treatment is with antibiotic creams or ointments (should be by prescription). But if not better, for the boils which have edged / no peak white, the doctor will consider to remove the pus. As for the solid boils, sore-eyed and not do a massage because there will be no pus that can be issued.

If many boils, or there is fever in the body, it must be coupled with antibiotic drugs. And if the boils occurs repeatedly, then it must be sought the underlying factor, namely whether there is a disease diabetes, severe kidney disease, severe disease, immune deficiencies, or those who have elderly.

Boils are only a small follicles in the skin, but cause pain. For prevention, that is no less important is to always maintain the cleanliness of the body’s skin, so that it can minimize the occurrence of infections that can cause boils.

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