How to get rid of armpit odor whitout deodorant

How to get rid of armpit odor when deodorant doesn’t work? This way to get rid of armpit odor without deodorant. Not just to make hot and uncomfortable, sweat also sometimes itch and odor when it is in the folds of skin, such as armpits.

Armpit sweating and odor, often make people insecure. For men and women, sometimes it’s a problem. On this basis, the company will develop a formula deodorant. However, any good deodorant, it will not always make a dry armpit. Eventually the body will be immune to the chemicals in it so it was not able to withstand sweat.

get rid of armpit odor
How to get rid of armpit odor whitout deodorant

If deodorant doesn’t work, there is no other explanation other than the body has found a way to adapt. The body parts that usually emit odors is armpit, legs, skin and mouth. The cause of armpit odor is less keep the body that makes the proliferation of bacteria to be increased rapidly. The bacteria were mixed with the sweat will make the body odor.

Another thing that can cause armpit odor is the food. Maintain cleanliness of the body by bathing twice a day to get rid of the bacteria that cause armpit odor. Make sure also that you are using an antiseptic soap. To reduce the production of sweat, use deodorant after showering so that the proliferation of bacteria can also be reduced.

How to get rid of armpit odor using lime

One of the natural ingredients that you can use to overcome the problem of armpit odor is lime. Lime is already often used for beauty problems such as get rid of acne scars. And one of the benefits is to overcome the problem of armpit odor.

The benefits of lime is very good to help overcome the problem of armpit odor. Lime can help reduce the production of excessive sweating and can help whiten the armpit. You only need to use lemon in the armpit 15 minutes before showering.

How to get rid of armpit odor

Use clothes made from cotton can help make the skin becomes easier to breathe and reduces excessive perspiration. Do not use clothing that could result in irritation and makes the production of sweat more like satin, especially if you want to do outdoor activities during the day is best to avoid.

Clean water can help rid your body of dirt. In addition, the benefits of water is also very good for preventing armpit odor. Take a bath 2 times a day, in the morning and late afternoon. Habits bath 2 times a day must be done to help dissolve excessive sweating and can help eliminate body odor.

Eat healthy foods, to overcome armpit odor is to control food intake. Because there are foods that have a strong aroma and its effects can also affect the armpit odor. Reduced consumption of onions and garlic because onions have a strong taste and strong aroma.

Another way to get rid of armpit odor is to eat fibrous foods. Type of fibrous foods are foods like fruits and vegetables. This type of food is required to be consumed, so that the digestive system can be smoothly and does not cause constipation or constipation.

The best time of use deodorant

When is a good time to use deodorant? In an interview with the Huffington Post, Janyl Plante also said that the best time to use an antiperspirant that works to reduce perspiration is at night before bed.

The human body is always sweating all the time, but the rate will be very low when you sleep. This is very important because low levels of perspiration which can further maximize the reduction of sweat under the armpit. In addition, we recommend using deodorants is every after shower. Do not just use it when you would go out of the house.

This can prevent the development of bacteria in the armpit. Each finished outdoor activities, you are advised to shower more than just add the use of deodorant. Using deodorant after sweating will only make clumping deodorant and can not work properly.

How to get rid of armpit odor was also able to eat fibrous foods. The food is very nice to be digested by our bodies. And a lot of benefit contained from these foods. Benefits of fibrous food is for beauty. smoothing the skin, rejuvenate the skin, whiten, moisturize and remove stains or dark spots.

It was some explanation that we can say about how to get rid of armpit odor when deodorant doesn’t work. The healthy lifestyle required, not only to get rid of armpit odor but also for other health.

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