How to prevent injury during exercise

How to prevent injury during exercise – How to prevent injury during exercise. Exercise is a lifestyle committed to maintaining the condition of the body to stay healthy and fit. But in sports, an injury that could arise as a problem in the tendon (ligament) can be broken, or injured in the bearing joint (meniscus) and can also in bone fragility.

And keep in mind all of these injuries can still make someone walk but their daily activities will be disrupted, he still can walk, but its activity is low and for specific movements would be a problem.

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These injuries can lead to complications, for example, was only broken tendon (ligament) but can be a complication of the disorder of cartilage. That is a serious problem and must be replaced joint.

Cause of injury during exercise

Most injuries are caused due to lack of heating or muscles are not well. Heating is necessary also very individual. Conditions that are less fit can also be a cause of injury. An unhealthy condition should not be forced to exercise, because the condition of all the affected tissue so as to accelerate or facilitate the occurrence of injury.

How to handle if event of injury:

Directly compress the ice and do not be heated, for joint injuries. The injury must be cleared so do not swell. The person should rest, do not run out injured and he felt it was good to play again because the injury could get worse later. If you sit or sleep, your feet should be higher and do not put it down because can the added pain and swelling.

If the injury was within 2-3 days the condition does not improve or it gets worse, you should immediately consult a doctor. If the injuries are caused by breaking the ligaments that normally can be replaced using the patient’s own veins.

How to prevent injuries with massage

Massage can overcome the pain that allows you to perform optimally. Prevent injuries by performing a massage, each using different techniques and goals are very different. Massage helps prevent injuries by warming up, increase flexibility and range of athletic movements can help to optimal performance of the muscles, increases blood flow and nutrients to the muscles.

Massage also reduces stress and psychological readiness, which can be an important factor in your sports career. Massage reduces the effects of damage caused to the muscles during exercise. Usually produces pain a day or two after exercise.

Muscle massage treatment to an athlete’s daily routine is usually done in one week. Sports massage treatment will help circulation and muscle performance, and prevent overuse injury.

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