How to treatment the flu without medication

How to treatment the flu without medication – Flu is very easy for the detection as well as easy to spread / transmitted, especially when the weather is uncertain. When the flu invades the body, of course, can interfere with your activities. Sneezing, body weakness, watery eyes, and sometimes make your body shiver lay only weakly on the bed.

When stricken with the influenza do not immediately surrender and weakness. Better to keep myself busy, and most importantly, do not rely on chemical drugs. Should cope with the flu the natural way.

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How to cope with the flu the natural way:

Breakfast; After waking up and feeling the body does not fit, you should not miss breakfast. Eating breakfast is essential to fuel the body, especially when the immune system decline. Dutch researchers said the breakfast would increase levels of gamma interferon in the blood that acts as a natural antiviral. So do not skip breakfast. Eat a warm, such as porridge or soup.

Consumption of foods high in protein; Prolonged stress can make you sick, because the immune system is weakened. But, you can use it to fight the flu. Look for activity to be able to reduce the symptoms of flu coming.

Moderate exercise; Researchers from the University of Massachusetts found that people who perform light physical activity is less susceptible to upper respiratory infections than those who did not move much. The researchers believe that moderate exercise will be able to strengthen the immune function due to increased production of white blood cells.

Consumption of foods high in protein; According to experts, eating foods high in protein not only keep you full longer, too good for endurance. A nutritionist said protein is required to induce the immune system.

Drinking green tea; Make a warm drink green tea in the afternoon, it will make the body warm. According to Canadian researchers green tea could promote the development of the body against viruses. In green tea, is found a chemical compound that can stop the activity of virus replication or duplication.

How to prevent the flu naturally:

Hand Washing; Most of the flu virus is spread through direct contact. A person who has the flu or sneeze can transmit the virus through his hands. Germs can survive for several hours, even in some cases last up to weekly, then the thing will be touched by others.

Therefore, frequently washing hands. If hand washing is not available, rub your hands vigorously for several minutes. This will help to destroy most germs cause flu.

Do not cover the hands while sneezing or coughing; Because germs and viruses can attach to an unprotected hand, cover sneezes or cough with your hands will facilitate the spread of germs to others. If you want to sneeze or cough, use a tissue, then throw in the trash-covered. If no tissue, turn your view of people who are around you and cough into the air.

Do not touch the face; The flu virus enters the body through the eyes, nose, or mouth. Touching the face is the primary mode of transmission the flu, and is the main way of transmitting the flu to their parents.

Drink plenty of water; Water will speed up the system in your body, cleanse all the toxins in the body. A healthy adult needs eight glasses of fluid per day. If the color of your urine is almost clear, you are well hydrated. If the color yellow, you need more fluids.

So far have not found an effective treatment to overcome the flu, so prevention is the most appropriate action. Active in the fight against flu will make your life healthier.

The most effective way to prevent flu is to use the right treatment. It might not natural but it works better than the other way. But there are many other ways to cope with the flu.

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