Mistakes in hair care that makes hair limp

Hair limp

Mistakes in hair care that makes hair limp. Doing blow out at home or in the salon is an instant way to make limp hair back to look beautiful in a flash. All women would understand this trick.

However, if done excessively, this way it will make the hair more limp. Therefore, the excessive use of styling products will cause chemical residues accumulate on the scalp. As a result, the hair always feels dirty and greasy.

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In addition, the hair frequent of exposed to heat from a hair dryer or hair straightener, resulting in the scalp will naturally produce more oil to lubricate hair dehydrated and comb when blow. Check out other possible causes before you know it has been a major reason for your hair to be limp.

Taking leave on conditioner, vitamin to protective hair too close to the scalp. Regardless of finishing products that are used, be sure to apply only in the hair. Avoid direct contact with the scalp, because the product is formulated to moisturize the hair cuticle. Scalp can produce natural lubricant to moisturize the skin, when excessive it can cause problems.

Using excessive hair styling product before styling your hair, especially when straighten. Foam or mousse is useful to make fluffy hair beautifully. However, if done excessively, it can actually cause hair too hot when straighten or curls. As a result, even the hair lose texture and moisture.

Excessive eating fatty foods. Too many fatty foods or contain a lot of oil and preservatives, can trigger the production of excess oil on the hair, because these foods make the body remove excess oil content. Fix your diet by increasing fruit and vegetable consumption.

Selection of type of shampoo and conditioner are wrong. Make sure you know your scalp type before choosing shampoo and conditioner. Especially if your hair and scalp needs special care. For example, dandruff or hair loss. Make sure also your shampoo can shed residue, dirt and oil on the scalp and hair thoroughly, but still safe to use every day.

The Easy Ways to Solve the Limp Hair

There are so many possible problems which can come to our hair. The problems can be completely frustrating. We need a good yet effective way on dealing with that since hair are the most essential things that can affect on our appearance. That is why we need to be smart on taking care and treating our hair in a right way.

One of the hair problems that all people can face is about the limp hair. That often happens especially to the oily hair. Sure, the oily hair might be the reason of this problem. It will give us such the big deal because it will be dirty easily and quickly. In addition, it will be hard to be styled.

The right treatment will be something good for dealing with the limp hair. We have to be able controlling the oil which can make the hair over oily and it becomes really limp. The most important thing to do is washing the hair regularly at least once in two days.

We can use the mild extracts shampoo. If possible, wash the hair every day. Then, we also can use lemon to reduce the oil. One of the ways is by using the fresh lemon juice which can be used as the alternate of the conditioner. Thus, the hair would not be that too oily but the moisture is still well maintained.

Decreasing the consumption of fried foods can also be a good way to solve the limp hair problems. We also need to consume so many fruits and vegetables. For the simple way on dealing with the limp hair, we can try using the dry shampoo. It can be really useful and effective to absorb and remove the oil on the head and hair in a quick way. So, when we need to deal with the limp hair in sudden, we can try applying the dry shampoo.

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