Stress resulting gritted teeth during sleep, sleep bruxism

Stress resulting gritted teeth during sleep, sleep bruxism – Some people sometimes have a habit of gritted teeth while sleeping at night. Apparently gritted teeth while sleeping habits due to stress factors that hit the person in the afternoon.

According to research showing that people who like to gritted teeth at night, it seems likely because the person is experiencing stress. Other factors that also influence is not as likely to face some difficult things considered. Gritted teeth at night, especially during sleep called ‘Sleep Bruxism’.

teeth grinding, sleep bruxism, gritted teeth

Impact due to gritted teeth

Habits like gritted teeth can cause teeth to be rude when used, the teeth become loose, having a high sensitivity, abnormal growth and experience pain in the muscles responsible for chewing.

Although not fully proven, but the stress factor is alleged to have engaged in this practice. The results support the assumption that people who gritted his teeth at night due to being unable to deal with the stress they experienced in an appropriate manner. They generally prefer a strategy to escape and avoid problems.

Because that’s one way to eliminate the habit of gritted teeth at night is to look at stress as a positive thing. Also try to avoid the trigger factors of stress every day. Stress symptoms include mental, social and physical. These include fatigue, loss of or increased appetite, headaches, crying, sleeplessness, and oversleeping. Feelings of anxiety, frustration, or apathy may accompany stress.

Cultivate in yourself that you can overcome all things well rather than just thinking about how bad things are happening. Stress can actually help memory, especially on short-term memory and not too complex. Stress causes more glucose to the brain, which gives more energy to neurons.

This, in turn, enhance and restore memory formation. On the other hand, if stress is constant, can inhibit glucose delivery and disrupt memory. Although not definitely proven gritted teeth caused by stress, but it’s good if we keep managing stress.

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