Things must be known about brain cancer

Brain cancer

Brain cancer is one type of cancer that is difficult to overcome. A lot of important things that are very good to know about this cancer. Brain cancer occurs when a mass of tissue known as cancer or brain tumors, interfere with brain function. Although brain cancer occurs infrequently, but to understand the facts about this disease is important.

Symptoms of brain cancer generally is not easily detected because the target of the attack the cancer is in the brain, an organ that is not visible from the outside. Even so, there are some indications that could be considered to determine whether a person is experiencing symptoms of brain cancer or not.

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Symptoms of brain cancer

  • Easy headaches; And prolonged headaches that come repeatedly can be a symptom of brain cancer.
  • Easy Nausea; Often nausea can also be a symptom of brain cancer.
  • The body easily limp;Brain cancer patients usually undergo body limp. Therefore, if the body easily fatigue despite does not heavy job, it should be awared.
  • It’s hard to walk;Brain cancer sufferers will also experience difficulty walking conditions. Every time want to walk would be staggering. Symptoms of brain cancer is caused by the body’s control activity in the brain is impaired by the presence of cancer cells.
  • It’s hard to hear and see;There is a change also in the sense of hearing and sight. Patients will experience reduced hearing and vision. Symptoms of brain cancer will get worse as the increased severity of the cancer cells.
  • Numbness in hands and feet;Symptoms of brain cancer is also characterized by the occurrence of numbness in the feet and hands. Both organs are subject to interference from central nervous also being plagued by cancer cells.
  • Difficulty concentrating;Since the attack on the brain makes patients also have difficulty concentrating. It will make people work hard to complete the job due to loss of concentration.
  • Decreased memory and response;Automatic Patients will also experience memory loss and the body’s response. This is influenced problematic brain organ, begin controlled a cancer cell.

Maybe if that happened just one of the above symptoms, it is not yet led to the occurrence of brain cancer. But if it happens several symptoms at once, better get it checked because it may be a symptom of brain cancer.

It is important to know about brain cancer

Types of brain cancer the most common is secondary brain cancer, which is cancer that originates in another part of the body that has reached the brain. Second brain cancer the most common is Gliobalastoma, which is the primary brain cancer.

The survival rate for primary brain cancer (Gliobalastoma) is typically 10 to 12 months with all treatments, including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. The survival rate for secondary brain cancer varies, depending on the status and type of primer is usually six to 12 months.

Common symptoms of brain cancer are increasing headache, seizures, focal neurological deficits such as weakness in an arm or leg, trouble speaking, difficulty walking, vision problems, behavioral changes, and others.

Treatment of brain cancer options depend on the type of cancer. For primary brain cancer, surgery is the first treatment option followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. For secondary brain cancer, is surgery performed radiotherapy until chemotherapy. Brain tumors can also occur in children under 20 years. Tumors that often occur in children aged five to 10 years is usually the cancer.

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