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Tips on storing food to stay fresh and healthy

There are several tips that can be done so that the food is not easily stale and remain fresh. Each food ingredients would be more palatable and nutritious when consumed while still fresh, but may be due to several reasons, you should save the foods.

Tips on storing food to stay fresh

– Not all fruit can be refrigerated. You may often experience, keep fruit and vegetables fresh in the refrigerator? But real tropical fruits can not stand the cold temperatures, and should be stored in a cool or room-temperature place.

storing food long term, storing food in refrigerator, storing food for emergency, fresh keeper food storage

– Rinse with vinegar water. Before storing the fruit in the refrigerator, you should rinse it with water mixed with a little vinegar.

– Buy local food. Buy groceries from the nearest place to ensure freshness, so it will be able to stay fresh for longer without reducing a lot of nutrients.

– Keep meat and fish in the refrigerator below. Meat and fish can stay fresh without placing it in the freezer, that is by putting it at the bottom.

– Do not put food in sealed containers. Do not put fruit or vegetables in a closed container like a plastic box. Because respiration is an important thing to keep fruits or vegetables stay fresh. So, make sure you do not store fruits or vegetables in an airtight container.

– Recognize cheese you use. Cheese is a food that is easily damaged if any of the process. To make it stay fresh, we recommend that you keep him away from moist places, because it will make it easier moldy cheese.

– Try to keep fruit, meat, vegetables, cheese and green salad with a humidity level is maintained by rinsing it with clean water and then wrap with paper towel, after that, save in a plastic bag or in a refrigerator.

– Soak in ice water. If the vegetables have started to wilt in the fridge, put the vegetables in ice water and let a few minutes. Cold water will be able to restore the taste of vegetables.

– Do not store potatoes in the refrigerator. When you store potatoes in the refrigerator, the potatoes will turn out to be sweet because the content of the starch turns into sugar. We recommend that you store it in a dry and cool.

– Place the bay leaves on food. Rice or pasta is not easily broken, but often insects or beetles get into the storage area of rice or pasta. You can repel insects and beetles, with put some bay leaves in place you store food. The aroma of bay leaves will repel insects from your food.

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