5 The fish is good for health of pregnant women

How to maintain the health of pregnant women? Of food, fish are good for consumption by pregnant women? Consume fish during pregnancy is recommended by many health experts. We must recognize that nutritious food and good for the health of the baby.

Healthy foods can help pregnant women to obtain a healthy baby. However, given that not all types of fish (especially sea fish) is good and safe to eat during pregnancy. In addition to the type of fish, avocado also has benefits for the health of pregnant women.

The fish is good for health of pregnant women

Are all the fish is good for health? So what makes some fish are not good for the health of pregnant women? All fish contain nutrients so that both consumed during pregnancy. However, the levels of mercury in some types of fish makes you need to be selective in choosing the type of fish.

What is the result if pregnant women consume excessive mercury? High levels of mercury in fish can make fetal growth experienced problems ranging from allergies, birth defects, neurological disorders, and problems with brain development.

This type of fish is good for health of pregnant women

  1. Catfish
  2. Salmon
  3. Sardine
  4. Anchovy

1. Among other freshwater fish, catfish become one of the best to take during pregnancy. Catfish contain good fats and protein, two nutrients that support the growth and maximum development in the fetus.

In addition, catfish meat is also rich in phosphorus and potassium. Phosphorus is an essential mineral needed for bone formation of the fetus, whereas potassium can help the heart and veins to be more healthy.

It is advisable to not consume sea fish during pregnancy because of the content of mercury, a substance that can impair fetal growth. Then why salmon is recommended, salmon is a species of marine fish? The mercury content of each of the different marine fish. There are high and some are low.

2. Salmon is one example of marine fish with low mercury content. Salmon including low levels of mercury but has many benefits for pregnancy, so it is categorized into types of fish are good for pregnant women. Salmon contains Omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA. All three are substances that can optimize neurological growth and eyesight of the fetus.

3. Sardines including the types of fish that are good for pregnant women consumed. Fish is high in protein but very low in mercury. The thing to remember when going to consume, make sure you buy canned fish actually made from sardines, instead of mackerel.

Additionally, if you can try to select canned sardines are low in sodium, especially if you have hypertension during pregnancy. Out of the discussion of pregnant women, there are some healthy foods that are good for hypertension is good for you to know.

4. Despite its small size, anchovy apparently had outstanding feature compared to other fish species. This fish is very rich in calcium, which is essential to support the growth of fetal bones and teeth. In addition, it is also rich in protein, phosphorus, iron, vitamins, and other minerals. And most importantly, these fish are very low in mercury so it is safe to consume during pregnancy.

In addition to maintaining the health of pregnant women, there are many more issues that can occur such as nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. And you should know how to handle it. One thing to know is how to cope with abdominal pain right side in pregnant women.

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