Coconut oil can grow hair quickly

Grow hair quickly

How to grow hair fast using coconut oil. Coconut oil can grow hair quickly. Treat hair with coconut oil has long been abandoned by the women of today. In fact, coconut oil has the essential nutrients to make hair healthy and shiny, even grow bushy.

Coconut oil, which has long been used by people in the tropics, has moisturizing properties. Because of its highly effective, virgin coconut oil are now used in a variety of hair care and spa products. When we had to leave this habit, hair care manufacturers actually produce it in bulk.

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Benefits of coconut oil for hair growth

Coconut oil is ideal as a conditioner due to its high protein content. Its ability to moisturize can reduce the risk of hair damage hair like cracked or branched. Coconut oil also contains triglycerides, fatty molecules that are similar to the natural oils released by the skin to penetrate the hair shaft and protect it from damage.

Benefits for hair growth varies, from just relieve hair loss and damaged, to really trigger hair to grow back on the scalp where the hair follicle stopping its natural function.

How to use coconut oil for hair growth

Coconut oil is best when used in its natural form. Coconut oil will melt when heated. To heat, do not put it in the microwave. Better, place the coconut into the box, then soak the box in hot water to dilute the oil.

Then, apply coconut oil on the scalp using your fingers after hair wet. Massage the scalp for about three minutes so that the oil is absorbed and trigger hair growth. You can also apply coconut oil to the hair to take conditioner.

Of course, you can not expect to see results in no time. It took more than two weeks to see improvement in the health and appearance of hair. You will also need a longer time to see if you have hair growth occurs.

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