Complications caused by the cystic disease

Cystic disease

Cystic disease is a disease common in women, the cystic itself is a fluid-filled bumps that are in the ovaries. Cystic disease is actually a benign disease, because most are not handled through major surgery. However, based on the level of malignancy. Cyst disease is divided into two groups based on the healing process.

Most women do not realize when he was suffering from a cyst. If cause symptoms of the most common complaint is pain felt in the lower abdomen and pelvis. The pain arises due to rupture of the cyst wall, cyst enlargement too quickly that surrounding organs become stretched.

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Cystic disease type based on the healing process

  • Non-neoplastic cysts, cystic disease of this type are benign and do not require surgery to cure, because in the period of 2-3 months, these cysts will bump deflate and disappear by itself
  • Neoplastic cysts, these cysts require surgery for cure, but it is not a necessity but rather are based on the size and nature of the cystic disease itself.

Cystic disease affect women’s menstrual cycle due to hormonal system is disrupted. Cysts sometimes cause a person to become infertile women. The follicles are not mature and the inability to deliver the egg (ovulation) seems to be the cause of the low number of hormone stimulation. A woman who was diagnosed with cysts usually around 20-30 years old. Usually women who have cysts if traced his family tree, there is a mother or grandmother who had symptoms similar cysts.

Symptoms of cystic disease

  • Experiencing irregular periods, abnormal, and meeting periodically
  • There is a period of absence, after one or more normal menstrual periods
  • Severe acne and highly disturbing
  • Breast size is shrinking
  • Experienced growth in male characteristics such as hair growth around the body and face, voice turned hard and deep, the size of the enlarged cilitorus
  • Diabetes
  • Hair becomes thicker fitting a male
  • Barren or not have offspring despite having done the treatment
  • The content of the hormone insulin is very little
  • Overweight.

The complications caused by the cystic disease

  • ┬áThe risk of endometrial cancer
  • Occurs infertility
  • Are associated with obesity, raised blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • And the risk of breast cancer.

Cysts can also be said to be a hereditary disease. If a parent or grandmother you never suffer from cysts or myomas, it is certain that you include one of the descendants of the nature of cystic disease. We should be aware of the first menstrual cycle early.

The nature of the cyst does not mean that people with the disease, you can prevent cystic disease with a healthy lifestyle. Avoid foods high in fat, diligent exercise and consume foods and beverages that contain antioxidants. Because antioxidants can prevent free radicals from dust and air pollution.

Although this cyst disease including benign disease, but the disease has the potential to become malignant disease. And when it becomes malignant it should be treated seriously. Although not malignant, twisted cyst if it would result in a very sore pain.

Some of the symptoms of cystic disease is pain during menstruation, lower abdominal pain, often feel to pee and defecate, and will may be palpable lump in the abdomen. And if the cyst ruptures, the patient will feel pain that increases when doing heavy physical activity.

There are several steps to prevent cystic disease, such as to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce the consumption of foods high in fat are not good for our bodies, and avoid areas that have dust particle free radicals and pollution.

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