Efficacy coconut oil for dental health

Dental health

Maintaining oral health with herbal is very important, because healthy teeth suggests that the person is in maintaining their health, including dental. Most people are very lazy to care for and maintain healthy teeth, this may be little future factors that are rarely brush their teeth regularly.

These days a lot of teeth whitening creams that we can use, but if it was safe for consumption. Needs to be investigated more deeply, it is better if you want a little more naturally treat and maintain your teeth to be healthy.

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Coconut oil is an ingredient that has many benefits in daily life. Coconut oil can be used not only for cooking but also protect the health of teeth. The active ingredient in coconut oil are known to fight bacteria that cause dental cavities.

Dental cavities (caries) occurs due to several factors, namely the growth of bacteria, sugars in the diet, and are susceptible tooth surface. Streptococcus mutant bacteria (bacteria that makes the sugar in the mouth as food) will convert sugar into acid.

When coconut oil is bound with digestive enzymes compounding, will produce strong bacteria killer. Therefore, experts are now trying to develop toothpastes and mouthwashes that contain palm oil as an active ingredient.

Combining enzyme coconut oil modified into dental care products is attractive as an alternative to chemical additives. Moreover, because this enzyme works in low concentrations.

He added that the results of the study are important because more many problems the bacteria resistant to the drug due to that excessive antibiotic use.

Production of the human digestive apparently showed antimicrobial activity. It also showed that colonies of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract cell surface beneficial for intestinal health.

Prevention efforts can be done in a simple way by choosing herbal toothpaste. Herbal ingredients contained in toothpaste has its own greatness in dental health care. Extracts derived from organic materials, the benefits of herbal ingredients contained in the benefit to oral health.

Betel leaf extract has been known to the public as a natural disinfectant so that your teeth and mouth healthy. Similarly, lime believed to help give a fresh taste in the mouth. Keep in mind maintaining healthy teeth and mouth regularly is very beneficial for overall body health.

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