Foods that are difficult to digest and effects for a healthy

Foods that are difficult to digest and effects for a healthy. Our bodies need food for growth and to keep your body to stay healthy. To stay healthy in performing daily activities, the body needs nutritious food. Healthy food becomes an important point that must be considered to be given to every human being.

With a healthy diet, humans can optimization of their activity. In fulfillment of nutritional needs for the body, the food does not always have to be expensive because the essence of healthy food can not be viewed solely from whether a food is expensive. But there are some foods that are not good for health.

Several types of foods that are difficult to digest by the body:

There are several types of foods that are difficult to digest by the body. These foods have an adverse effect to health. Some of the symptoms caused by these foods can interfere with our daily activities. Symptoms of food is like to feel tightness in the diarrhea, stomach, heartburn, flatulence and bloating.

Types of food are difficult to digest and have effects that are not good for health is the kind of fried food, soft drinks, brownie cake, chewing gum, fats, and tendon.

Fried Foods; Fried foods contain lots of fat and cholesterol. Eating fried foods are often the trigger of various diseases, such as heart disease and stroke. Many sellers are fried food using cooking oil all day without being replaced, it makes the oil into the source of bad cholesterol. A piece of fried food is certainly a lot of fat are difficult to digest by the intestine.

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Having been used many times, oil has been oxidized. The term oxidation is actually tantamount to the process of rusting on metallic materials are exposed to oxygen exposure. Oxidation process can be seen from changing the oil into a blackish color after frying. Oxidized foods can threaten the health of the cells in the digestive tract. If it is happens continuously can cause infection in the digestive tract. Infections of the digestive tract will cause diarrhea, heartburn and vomiting.

Soft Drink; Soft drinks is containing carbonation beverages. Drinks that contain this acid can irritate the esophagus and stomach. If you drink soft drinks on an empty stomach, soft drinks will stimulate the sensory nerves, causing inflammation. As a result, levels of acid in the stomach will feel increased as well as symptoms of stomach inflammation (gastritis). The abdomen filled by the acid.

For that, you should not give soft drinks in children and the elderly. This age group are susceptible to diarrhea, because their digestive organs have not or are not perfect in digesting foods with high acidity or low pH. Soft drinks can cause bloating and an acute attack of colic (abdominal pain exceptional). Another impact of consuming soft drinks is increasing the weight. Soft drinks may increase the risk of obesity (excessive weight).

Brownie Cake; Brownie cake is actually not harmful to health if consumed in sufficient quantities. But the brownie cake tastes good and became a favorite food of many people and will make people addicted. Brownies will be difficult to digest when consumed in excessive amounts. When you include people who are not easily satisfied with a small piece of brownie cake. Eating brownies in excessive amounts will make a full stomach, due to fat content and high sugar in the cake. As a result, the stomach will suffer because of the difficulty in digesting.

Chewing gum; Chewing bubble gum has become a habit for some people to eliminate sleepiness. Be careful in consuming bubble gum, because they can be bad for your health. Chewing gum, if consumed in excessive amounts can interfere with the performance of the intestines in digesting the food you eat. Especially because the content of sugar are commonly found in chewing gum. This also applies to candy bars and soft drinks. Chemically, sugar can not be digested by the body’s metabolism. As a result, both will be sent directly to the colon. That is, it’s useless you eat it, but just to please mouth. If to ward off drowsiness, only will be lost temporarily.

Fat and Tendons; Fat and tendons. If possible, avoid eating the white part of the beef. This section contains the connective tissue, making it difficult to digest the body. Before dropping to feces, this meat will last long in the stomach. After that, it will reach the duodenum without being able to digested. This will make your stomach feel full and uncomfortable in the next 24 hours.

Healthy foods are foods that are able to meet the body’s nutritional needs, including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and other essential minerals such as calcium, iron, and much more. Healthy diet is the best that includes four of five perfectly healthy, consisting of rice, vegetables, side dishes, fruit, milk. Healthy foods are foods that contain substances such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Not only that, to be healthy, we must pay attention to the portion that is right for our menu. Not eating too much meat, but the emphasis on eating vegetables. This can be very useful to the body. In addition, the way of cooking should also be considered. Raw foods are cooked too long or cooked can cause the food to be lacking nutrients.

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