Foods that can trigger appetite

Foods that can trigger appetite. There are many causes for a person to lose appetite. Dishes in small portions and attractive appearance can be a solution. Inflammation of the intestine (peptic ulcer) and food intolerance when it lowers your appetite as well as stress, depression, or shock, fever and allergic nasal mucous membrane tract (rhinitis) also can decrease appetite due to the reduced power of taste and smell.

Another factor decreased appetite, ie the consumption of certain drugs and hormonal changes due to the menstrual cycle. Those who enter old age may also experience this due to reduced physical activity and body hormones.

trigger appetite, Causes of decreased appetite

On the other hand, loss of appetite can be caused by inadequate intake of certain nutrients. Zinc deficiency, for example, can reduce the sense of taste and smell. Similarly, potassium and magnesium deficiency. Basically any type of beverages, including soda and fruit juice, can reduce hunger when consumed before meals.

Other side, while you’re diet, it feels all the food so looks very tempting. Before you diet fail miserably, try not to directly pinch these foods and enjoy them and were satisfied. In addition, picky food and snacks you again, lest any of them that triggers the desire to eat more.

Foods that can trigger appetite

Herbs and spices; Several types of herbs and spices proved good for health. But eating some kind of herbs and spices in the food it can cause hunger. For example, the content of mustard in cooking, that could actually increase the production of saliva and digestive juices as a natural way to stimulate the appetite, when finished eating. Besides turmeric, ginger, and parsley can also stimulate appetite.

Less consumption of protein, protein intake in the diet can help convey a sense of satiety signals to the brain and the stomach after eating. Lack of protein consumption can lead to hunger was sudden, and the tendency to snack. According to a recent study conducted on volunteers, people who eat less protein than 15 percent of total calories eaten will feel more hungry and more snacking than people who consume enough protein.

Excessive sugar and salt; few decades, many food manufacturers found that men are never satisfied to eat the sugar and salt. No wonder if now there is a lot of instant food or drink that tastes very delicious, because it uses sugar and salt that functions to increase hunger.

Low-calorie diet; low fat foods that contain more sugar, carbohydrates, and sodium to improve taste. However, the effect it can trigger overeating. A study showed that the content of artificial sweeteners in diet drinks can also stimulate appetite. Remember that the body is also still requires certain nutrients and healthy fats, such as calcium, and omega-3 to improve heart health.

Eating is very important for our bodies. In addition to energy, food also serves to provide nutrients for the body. However the person sometimes has no appetite.

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