Foods That Prevent Motion Sickness

Sunday, June 8th 2014. | Lifestyle

It is essential to know Foods That Prevent Motion Sickness because they can be easy way to avoid Motion sickness, which can make your travel miserable. As we know, motion sickness can happen when we travel by car, train, plane, or boat and is frequently accompanied by dizziness, nausea, and vomiting as reported by the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Those experiencing motion sickness when taking a trip can try eating particular foods that are proven to reduce their symptoms and calm their stomach. It is suggested that you plan ahead your travel and pack these types foods to bring with you as the stock when motion sickness strikes.

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Foods That Prevent Motion Sickness – What Are They?

Among Foods That Prevent Motion Sickness is ginger root. For decades ginger is recognized as one of the most potential foods for comforting an upset stomach. You can stave off motion sickness and avoid an upset stomach from happening by chewing on a little piece of ginger root that is freshly peeled.

As preparation for long car journey, you can slice a number of slices of fresh ginger and keep these pieces in a clean plastic bag. When you start to feel the symptoms of motion sickness, chew one slowly.

A few dry crackers can be Foods That Prevent Motion Sickness because crackers can help settle an upset stomach avoiding the vomiting frequently going along with motion sickness. To prevent motion illness from happening, it is suggested that you eat two or three crackers whenever you start to feel nauseated and slowly keep eating them until the symptoms fade off.

Fresh lemons and fresh lemon juice can also be Foods That Prevent Motion Sickness because they can ease motion illness symptoms like nausea and vomiting while traveling since they come with nutrients capable of settling the upset stomach based on a report from ABC News.

It is suggested that you carry thinly slice one or two fresh lemons and keep them in a plastic bag to carry with you on your trip. When you begin to feel sick you can just remove the peel and put a slice of them on your tongue to bring some relief. Food is a natural way to take care of motion sickness.

Foods That Prevent Motion Sickness – Conclusion

In summary, there are several Foods That Prevent Motion Sickness that you can easily prepare prior to you car journey. The foods include ginger root, grain crackers and slices of lemons/ oranges. There are actually other foods that can potentially prevent motion sickness from happening. These foods include olives and ginger tea.

To have a trip without getting sick it is advisable to pack a few olives. Olives are beneficial to help stave off nausea as they can decrease salivation in your mouth, which make you less likely to become thrown up or nauseated. You can take the olives one every minutes until the motion sickness symptoms fade away.

Aside of consuming one of these foods, it actually important to avoid particular food to prevent motion sickness. For example, you should avoid flavored crackers, especially onion, spicy, or garlic, since they can make symptoms worse. Read more about Ginger For Reduce Motion Sickness.