How to care for facial skin dull

Let the dead skin accumulates the wrong way in the treatment of facial skin because it will be able to make the facial skin look dull. Tips for cleaning it is easiest to do using exfoliating scrub. You do not need to buy scrubs products that cost can be very expensive.

You should know that there are some ingredients cook in the kitchen that you can use. But first you need to customize it to your skin condition. Because of the way scrape scrub will greatly affect the condition of your skin, it can be positive as well negative.

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It’s important for you to consider what type of skin as you choose to scrub, so that the result will be maximum and also you will avoid skin irritation.

Rice bran powder has a soft texture so you can use a scrub to cleanse the face, can also remove layers of dead skin cells. You simply mix them with a little water and massage the face gently and then rinse. Powdered rice bran is rich in phytic acid, which would be able to stimulate the growth of collagen, maintain skin elasticity.

The texture of sugar and also the formula that is softer than the salt, is also very fitting for dry skin types. Because sugar is also a humectant that helps the skin will always be moist. What’s more, the sugar can also serve as a source of glycolic acid, which can make the skin strong, not easy to peel.

Sagging skin will certainly worrying for you, you can also use a scrubbing with a coarse coffee grounds. For those of you who have normal skin type, can use coffee grounds to maintain healthy skin. Because it is a stimulant that has antioxidant properties and is also very well be used to scrub, because the coffee will be able to help tighten and nourish the skin.

By the time you experience skin redness or sunburn, you can relieve the scrub using oatmeal. With oatmeal, the itching and burning can be reduced by facial massage using less water and oatmeal mixture. Let stand for a moment until slightly dry and then rinse and apply moisturizer. This scrub also to control oily skin.

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