How to prevent hair becomes dry and tangled

Dry and tangled hair

How to prevent hair becomes dry and tangled. Easy and simple way to treat the hair so the hair does not dry and tangled. Way that hair is not dry and tangled you have to do to get healthy hair, soft and beautiful all day. However also the appearance of hair who dry and tangled reflects personal who not care for health.

Hair dry and tangled certainly be an obstacle for you, when you are taking care of the hair. Cause that often occurs in the dry hair and easily tangled, some of the things that may go unnoticed by you to perform maintenance can certainly cause hair to become dry and easily tangled.

Tangled hair is usually caused by the influence of the use of chemicals. Through grooming habits by using these chemical ingredients can certainly damage the health of the hair itself. The use of hair dye, hair spray or hair beauty tools exacerbate the condition of your hair.

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We recommend that you use materials for the hair, must be balanced by doing maintenance on your hair so that the problem does not appear dry and easily tangled hair.

Way that hair is not dry and Tangled, need to be considered to avoid shampooing too often. Too frequent shampooing can of course also erode the natural oils that aims to provide natural moisture to the hair. With the loss of natural moisture of the hair is certainly going to make the hair more dry so easily tangled.

Get used to using a conditioner after shampooing which aims to provide additional moisture natural oil substitute was lost when shampooing. Use a separate conditioner so that the material contained in the conditioner can work more optimally.

Dry your hair with a towel wrapped on head way. Avoid drying your hair with a rough scrubbing. Dry your hair by rubbing it hard and rough use towel can cause brittle hair and split ends. If forced to use a blow dryer to dry your hair you should use the hair dryer on a little distance far enough or you can apply hair gel or can also smoothing cream to keep hair cuticle remained soft and awake.

While combing your hair, you should use a hair comb and comb your hair slowly. It is intended that the hair will be more easily managed. Note also the comb you, choose the type of comb made ?from a mixture of rubber, do not use a plastic comb to avoid friction on the hair which can cause damage to the hair.

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