How to remove body odor permanently naturally

How to remove body odor permanently naturally – Body odor is bad aroma that comes out of our armpit crease. What causes bad body odor? According to the medical world, the cause of body odor arises because there are bacteria in the pores layer covered with sweat.

Although the percentage is only 1%, but the bacteria would be able to break down the proteins and turn it into acids that cause bad body odor. There are even some people who still have body odor even after bathing.

One way to prevent body odor using baking soda when bathing. Actually, body odor is not included into a serious problem, but if left unchecked can create a sense of confidence is down, especially when sweating. Sometimes, the body odor caused us often feel stressed especially when it forgot to use deodorant.

Stress can also trigger that causes body odor. You try not to excessive stress, because, according to experts emotional stress can cause excessive sweat production that will bring a lot of sweat and bacteria in the body.

How to remove body odor permanently naturally

To cope with body odor, it is actually quite easy. Well for you that has the problem, here are some how to remove body odor permanently naturally quickly you can do it yourself at home.

  1. Bath 2x a day
  2. Use deodorant or antiperspirant
  3. Avoid foods that cause body odor (Red meat, Herbs and spices, Junk food, Tobacco)
  4. Increase consumption of fruits (apples, oranges, papaya, guava, and others)
  5. Change clothes regularly
  6. Many exercise

Basically every day our bodies sweat through the pores. Rarely shower will cause bad body odor. From later this sweat will cause bacteria easily attached and nesting. So if you do not clean it regularly, the bacteria will cause the appearance of body odor. Bathing 2x a day is best to eliminate body odor and bacteria in the body. Better yet, when taking a shower using soap containing antibacterial.

The fresh fruits included in foods that are easily digested by the body. Thus, the fruit will make the intestines become more healthy and sweat not odor. Some fruits such as apples, oranges, papaya, guava, and others are believed to help remove the odor of sweat naturally. Therefore, consume fresh fruits every day.

In addition to the bath as much as 2x a day, you should always be routinely change clothes. Because sweat stuck to the clothing will become a hotbed of bacteria that cause body odor. Especially if your sweat to make the wet clothes.

Exercise is causing a lot of sweat that out, but sweat during exercise can actually help remove germs and bacteria in your pores. Jogging or cycling every morning routine. No need for long, just 30 minutes a day for one week only you have reduced body odor.

That’s some how to remove body odor permanently easily naturally that I can say, this compiled from various sources reliable and proven. In addition to bacteria, armpit hair can also cause your body odor. Therefore, you also need to identify the cause of body odor in the armpit.

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