Lifestyle or way of dressing that is not good for health

Lifestyle or way of dressing that is not good for health – Lifestyle with dressing for look beautiful in the eyes of men is the desire of every woman. Appearance has become one of the lifestyle that is always noticed, especially women.

There is nothing wrong if you want to always look beautiful and clean throughout the day. But be careful, because the habit of dressing up your daily may be hazardous to your health.

Here is the habit of lifestyle or dressing up is not good for your health:

Lifestyle always ; Avoid wearing pants and clothes that are too tight. Clothes that are too tight can increase intra-abdominal pressure and causes the stomach acid up into your esophagus (acid reflux). As a result, you feel the abdomen, chest and throat, burning / bitter (heartburn). This is especially true after you eat a heavy meal.

Pants are too tight also become an ideal environment for mold growth in the yeast that causes itching and irritation. This is especially true when the weather is hot and humid outside.

In addition, the pants are too tight can compress the nerve at the back of your legs that cause numbness and tingling. This is especially true if you are overweight.

dressing that is not good for health, Lifestyle not health

Lifestyle in a way too often polish lipstick; Some brands of lipstick is suspected to contain lead. At present, although it has more stringent supervision, lipstick like that might still exist on the market. If you are not sure whether are lead-free lipstick, please check with lipstick scrawled into your golden ring. If the lipstick color changed to dark, then most likely contain lead.

Too often polish lipstick can also cause dry mouth. Several types of lipstick that is not sticky (matte type), cause dry mouth because they remove moisture from your lips. Choose a lipstick that contains moisturizing lipsticks and use only occasionally, not every day.

Excessive shampooing hair; You might think that hair wash every day good for health. In fact, not. Too often wash your hair with shampoo removes natural hair oil, sebum. To compensate, the scalp will start producing excess sebum to make up for deficiencies. Consequently, there needs wash cycle due to the hair too oily. When the cycle is stopped, the scalp will return to produce excess oil. Necessary transition period of about six weeks to get used to the scalp produce sebum is lower.

Lifestyle in a way dressing with wearing high heels; High heels can be hazardous to your health, is not new news. Bone experts have warned for years that high heels can contribute to a variety of conditions ranging from calluses on your toes, osteoarthritis, chronic knee pain, ankle sprain, and back pain.

Lifestyle or dressing for look beautiful in the eyes of men is the desire of every woman. Touted by the idol of the heart must be a highly anticipated every woman. That said, most men prefer women who use natural makeup and stylish appearance. This is lifestyle or way of dressing that is not good for health.

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