Mistakes that avoided by parents in children bedwetting

Children bedwetting

If some children are trained not to urinate at random at the age of three to four years, bedwetting at night (nocturnal enuresis) is still a common problem for many children to the age of six to eight years. Bedwetting may occur because your child has a small bladder, so can not tell when the bladder is full, or under stress.

When found his son still bedwetting, many parents are acting to stop the bad habit. Although well intentioned, but are not all right.

Mistakes made by parents on child bedwetting

Waking the child; Some parents wake their children at night to direct it into the toilet. They are trying to prevent the child bedwetting. Waking the child as it would disturb his sleep hibernation.

In fact, sleep is important for school-age children. Excessive fatigue and disrupted sleep can reduce memory power and concentration. It can lower academic achievement and have a negative impact on self-esteem.

The experts doubt the effectiveness of the child wakes at night to prevent bedwetting. Children can only refrain from bedwetting if have the self-awareness to go to the toilet. If the child is still sleepy but taken to the toilet, he will not learn. The experts even suggested that disrupted sleep patterns may actually be the cause bedwetting.

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Punish or scold children; Punish or scold children who wet the bed is not the appropriate action. You also should not compare it with other children or siblings. Competition kid that just adds to the pressure and does not help improve the situation. Children who are stressed and depressed tend to continue the habit of bedwetting.

Better you as parents give rewards and praise every time your child stays dry and achieve progress. Such award enhances self-esteem and give him confidence. You need to realize that bedwetting is also unpleasant for him because it made him feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.

Restrict excessive drinking in children; Some parents restrict children not to drink a few hours before bedtime. While this may be effective, if the excessive restrictions can make a child’s thirst at night day, disturb sleep quality and affect their health in general. Instead of taking a strict limit, you should familiarize your child to empty the bladder before going to bed.

In short, parents should remain calm and be patient when the child is still wetting the bed. In most cases, bedwetting habit will go away when the child is growing up.

Reassure your child that it’s normal for her age and not their fault. So, do not punish or blame the child bedwetting and make sure other family members are not ridicule. This problem can indeed frustrating, but usually will end when your children grow up.

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