Natural remedies to cure stroke paralysis at home

How to cure stroke paralysis at home using natural remedies? Stroke recovery treatment practice is very important to be done by stroke sufferers because generally it has been declared cured, but there are some limbs like legs and hands that still can not function normally.

Well, at times like this need to be rehabilitated and exercises for stroke recovery by a special team who have been experts at the hospital. But in addition to the rehabilitation team, family support and a strong will of self to heal is also very important and contributes enormously in the healing process for stroke paralysis patients.

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How to cure stroke paralysis at home

Before discussing how to cure stroke paralysis, good idea if you understand what exactly is the definition of the disease that occupies the position of number 3 as the most deadly disease in the world, after heart disease and cancer. The definition of a stroke is a disease that arises from clogged blood vessels or broken blood vessels.

The characteristics of the occurrence of stroke in the patient is paralysis in some parts of the body, sometimes half of the left body or the right half of the body, the face drooping one side, speech is not clear, and paralysis due to stroke attacks longer.

Therapy to cure stroke paralysis

There are many types of rehabilitation that are commonly used to recover stroke patients. But the most effective rehabilitation process for stroke recovery is using existing therapies in the medical world. Performing an early stroke recovery, the greater the chance to cure paralysis. So it is advisable to immediately perform this rehabilitation so that people with stroke can perform a variety of daily activities again.

There are many benefits that can generally be accepted by stroke sufferers from this stroke recovery process. Suppose it can accelerate recovery and healing process of the patient, avoiding the feeling of stiffness that often appears in the muscle due to long not functioned, prevent the occurrence of reduction in the muscle. And more importantly, able to prevent complications because it takes too long to lie down.

This recovery step can be done anytime. Even when stroke patients are still in a coma though. One recovery process that can be done is to train a variety of passive movements with the help of others when the stroke patient has been stabilized. Well, the recovery process when this coma can be forwarded when the patient is up. There are several recovery therapies that you can use to speed up stroke paralysis recovery.

Occupational therapy to cure stroke paralysis

The best time to do rehabilitation or stroke paralysis recovery is six months after a stroke. There are many benefits that patients can receive using this therapy, one of which is able to increase the body’s extremities, strengthen muscles that are still weak, able to restore body function after a stroke. This physical therapy can boost immunity and also prevent depression.

Physical exercise to cure this stroke paralysis can be done after the patient is declared stable by the doctor even though the concerned is still lying stiff in bed. This therapy can be done in several ways. Such as training the patient lying on his side with a straight body position or a bent body position.

Well, if circumstances are possible, you can do the exercise by sitting. Although this therapy is very easy to do, do not immediately provide patients with exercise in the long term. Occasionally give time to rest. Well, in the break time, you can perform various stroke recovery activities such as moving fingers, bending fingers and holding a spoon.

Occupational therapy to cure stroke paralysis

Occupational therapy to cure stroke paralysis. Called as a type of therapy that has entered a higher level than before. Because in this therapy, patients are trained to improve the various abilities it has to be able to make the patient can perform daily activities as usual.

In this therapy itself can be done if the stroke patient was able to walk although still using tools such as a stick. Well, it’s good if the various needs of stroke patients is placed in a place that is easily accessible by stroke patients. The necessities are beverage equipment, toiletries and clothing.

For the bathroom itself, it is better if stroke patients are assisted by the tools used to grip so the patient that no trouble. Do not let the bathroom floor and also the slippery house floor because it will be very dangerous for stroke patients. And more importantly do not forget to put affordable bathroom equipment to make it easier for stroke patients to use.

Psychological therapy to cure stroke paralysis

Psychological therapy is one therapy that involves motivation to make patients more confident that he will recover later. Well, in this therapy is necessary to familiarize the psychological atmosphere of stroke patients are in a stable state and also feel very cared for. Never bully a stroke patient.

The purpose of natural remedies to cure stroke paralysis with exercise or therapy is to recover the ability of movement and function of the limbs that experience disruption or paralysis in order to perform activities as usual or at least stroke sufferers need not depend on others.

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