Solution to overcome unhealthy habits and cause easily fatigue

Solution to overcome unhealthy habits and cause easily fatigue. Energy drinks is not the right solution to overcome fatigue. Energy drinks will help only a moment. Therefore, body fatigue and lethargy could be a sign of disease. Find out first cause before determining the solution.

Body tiredness, weakness and lethargy can be caused by various factors. This condition could have occurred because of an unbalanced lifestyle such as lack of sleep, not eating regularly and less balanced so energy is not evenly spread, lack of exercise, or due to psychological factors.

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Everyone has their own opinion on the fatigue they had ever experienced. In addition, the cause of their fatigue also is different. Tired, generally defined as the condition when a person feels lack of energy, experience excessive drowsiness or often used to describe the sense of weight on the body from too much work.

Types of fatigue

There are two types of fatigue. The first is a sense of weight on certain body parts so the parts can not be used. The second is on the whole body fatigue. Tired can be dangerous if it lasts long and disturb concentration during the move, especially if the need to drive a vehicle.

Lack of sleep or insomnia cause fatigue in morning / Sleep that is not qualified

Rest is very important in our health. So, sleep not quality is one factor quickly experience fatigue. Quality sleep at night is that not good can interfere with physical or mental. If it happens in the long run, your body will owe a lot of time of sleep, which may not can be paid off, however long you sleep. One of the causes that create sleep not qualified is bed facility. A good mattress can make you better quality sleep. Or try the mattress with a soft fabric cloth that can help lower your body temperature.

In addition to bed facility, food is also one of the causes of difficulty sleeping. At night, You are also advised not to consume foods that are too heavy, so your body metabolism does not increase. Because, high body metabolism can make it difficult to sleep. As far as possible, avoid taking vitamins at night. Because, the vitamin can increase vitality, which makes you difficult to sleep. Vitamin is better to drink in the morning. Better to drink warm milk before bed, because milk contains substances that can make the muscles relax. Difficulty sleeping or often also called insomnia.

Sleep Apnea; Lack of sleep is very influential on stamina. Lack of sleep will make you tired in the move. Adequate sleep is very important for health. Enough sleep will make you stay healthy and not easily fatigue. Some people think they have enough sleep. However, never thinking that if they have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder characterized by difficulty breathing and occur repeatedly. Maybe you do not realize it, but every time it appears this disorder sleep quality will decline. This causes you still feel the lack of sleep despite having spent eight hours for rest.

Sleep apnea is also associated with various diseases, such as hypertension, heart disorders, diabetes, and stroke. Sleep apnea occurs due to narrowing of the airway during sleep. As a result, the supply of oxygen to be repeatedly interrupted throughout the night. To overcome this, you can perform the way; reduce weight if overweight, quit smoking, and try to sleep using a tool called a CPAP that keeps you breathing throughout the night.

Iron deficiency / Anemia; Irregular eating and lack of balance will lead to uneven energy distribution. But this is probably because you have iron deficiency due to diet are not good. Iron deficiency will result anemia and lead to a lack of coordination between the muscle cells. To cope with this, you should consume liver, heart, red meat, because the body needs iron once a week.

Iron is essential for health. Iron carries oxygen throughout the body, which will result in better energy. Iron is also beneficial to the brain that can improve memory, concentration and overall brain function.

Lack of iron, means lack of oxygen, this will result in the immune system becomes impaired. This will make a prolonged fatigue and rupture of concentration. In the short term this symptoms can be overcome by exercise that will facilitate the circulation of blood. But for the long term should consume foods rich in the element zinc (Zn) to build the immune system. Zinc is usually found in shellfish and red meat

In the biological cycle of women, such as menstruation each month, or are pregnant and lactating women, causing women prone to anemia. The disease is caused by iron deficiency, with symptoms such as rapid fatigue, weakness, pallor and rapid heart beat. The body needs enough iron to produce red blood cells that will carry oxygen throughout the body. Without iron, you will constantly feel tired. To overcome this, you are encouraged to do a balanced diet, both in terms of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

In order to obtain an optimal body condition, try to change the pattern of life with enough sleep, eat regular and balanced nutrition, regular exercise also. Try to pursue something what is your hobby, because maybe this can provide variety and excitement in your life. This is something unhealthy habits and cause easily fatigue.

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