Tips to avoid the habit the cause of back pain

Back pain

Pain in the back area is often perceived by office workers. The pain is sometimes up to the performance of one’s work at the office. Back pain is usually caused by the way you are sitting, standing and lifting.

There are several things that can cause pain in the back, neck and shoulders. But sometimes unwittingly done some habits that can actually be harmful to your back. But malicious actions that can be repeated over the limit and develop injuries or problems. Here are the experts revealed some common causes or habits that could lead to disruption in the back.

Habit the cause of back pain

Error lifting; The most common mistake that people make on the back is when lifting something heavy. But actually taking things lightly on the floor that can also cause problems. We should always bend knees when taking something, regardless of how heavy the item. Lifting weights while playing could increase pressure on the spinal discs. For that if lifting something, you should keep the load close to the body to reduce the pressure.

Driving long distance; journey away by car not only test your endurance but also affects the posture of the back, especially if he went with the kids and sat talking that can put a strain on one side only. If it would make long journeys are advised to use headrest when driving to ensure good posture. As well as stop to stretch the legs and body so that the pressure is reduced.

Sitting on the soft couch; couch is too low and soft that makes people like drowned while sitting can make spine bent due to the discs, muscles and ligaments of the lower back stretched. For that one way around that is to use extra pillows so it does not sit too far back.

Eating a lot of fat; Excess fat around the midsection makes backs did not get a strong enough support from the abdominal muscles, whereas the abdominal muscles should support your lower back and provide stability. If you have excess fat then it should be do physical activities such as walking, cycling and swimming to burn excess fat.

Using a laptop without a mouse; Using the touchpad in laptop without a mouse can make your shoulders and neck become tighter, but if you use the mouse then the arms are in correct position. Besides it, using a laptop on a couch can lay emphasis on your back and spine.

Do something while bending; Brushing your teeth in the sink, put on shoes, gardening, dusting or doing other tasks while bending can weaken the spine, causing disc prolapsed disc. To overcome this problem could be by way of lying down for 5-10 minutes by leaning on the arm.

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Try different sitting positions and replace them at any time. For example, sitting with legs straightened or bent so that the soles of the feet touching wheels on the chair. Every now and then walked off the desk and stood up when picking up the phone or clear the table, is also another way to reduce back pain.

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