Tips to shave armpits without discolor the skin

Tips to shave armpits without discolor the skin. Full armpit hair is now no longer the trend. Many women feel uncomfortable if found dense fur that grows in the armpits. Wearing a sleeveless shirt can make your confidence drop. Armpit that looks white and free of hair is every woman’s dream. You can have a smooth white underarms with armpit care.

Typically the underarm hair shaved or revoked. Remove underarm hair can be done regularly so that the armpit is always clean. But many women complain after shaved armpits blackened. The condition is caused by incorrect shaving process. Not to just because armpits blackened or darkening, you will embarrassed hand picked in public.

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shave armpits without darkening

Tips to shave armpits without discolor the skin

  1. Shaving underarm hair in the morning. Shave her armpits need to be done at the right time. You can not shave without considering the time carelessly. The most fitting time to lick up her armpits is in the morning. Make sure you’ve finished showering to clean. Your new shaving underarm hair by shaving equipment. Shave in the morning can make the underarms skin soft and smooth.
  2. Shave after bathing. Perform epilation armpit after a shower had a positive impact on the smoothness of the skin in the armpits and around. After you bathe the skin soft and supple so that the shaving process easier. Conversely, if you do shave before showering, the skin is usually rough. Underarm skin became involved eroded. That places a black color.
  3. Do not directly wear deodorant. When you’re done shaving armpits, do not directly applying deodorant on your underarm. You can wait at least 2 hours after the shaving process. Wait until the pores of the skin in the armpit perfectly sealed so that the chemicals in the deodorant does not get into the pores of the skin which can make it look black. Take a deodorant that does not cause blacks and make underarm skin is always smooth and soft.

Causes of darkening armpits when shaving

Skin irritation in the armpit is the main cause of darkening underarms. This irritation caused by armpit shaving. Shaving is the habit of many people because they feel less confident if it has a long armpit hair. Especially for women who frequent shaving.

However, most of them complained that the shave is not a pleasurable activity because it makes armpit skin rough and uneven. Armpit irritation often experienced by those who have the habit of shaving the armpits, which then makes the armpit skin becomes dark.

  1. Causes of dark armpits is due to shave wrong way. Underarm skin is very sensitive skin, therefore you should be careful when shave armpits. The process that one of can cause damage to the underarm skin such as irritation and cause dark underarms. Avoid too often shave her armpits.
  2. Causes of dark underarms is due to irritation caused by deodorant. Mistakes in using deodorant on the armpit can cause irritation and armpit skin becomes dark.
  3. The cause of darkening armpit is dead skin cells that accumulate in the armpit. You should clean the dead skin cells from the armpits so that dead skin cells are replaced with new skin cells. Naturally, exfoliating dead skin cells on the skin of the armpit can be rubbed with a pumice stone or applying cream sugar at armpit.

Leading independent dermatologists, Dr. Eddy Karta SpKK, said Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin C can be a solution to armpit darkening. According to him, two things it is beneficial to make skin brighter and smoother armpits.

Vitamin B5 in the skin can help heal sores or irritations, accelerating the process of formation of new skin cells. Meanwhile, so-called Vitamin C is beneficial to protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals, which can brighten the skin.

Shave her armpits would be better if carried out in wet conditions. When dry, the skin can easily get hurt and irritation. The scar will make armpit colored black. Do not forget, always replace your razor every 3-4 months in order to avoid the threat of germs.

In removing underarm hair many women who choose to use a razor, because it is more practical and relatively inexpensive. But you have to know the trick to prevent skin irritation and blackened armpits.

Before starting the process of shaving, it is advisable to begin by scrubbing, aim to remove dead skin cells and cleanses the armpit area. Perform daily scrubbing before you shave her armpits to protect the skin from irritation and sores.

Make sure the armpit in humid conditions. When moist condition underarm skin, the hairs that grow around it is more gentle and easy to clean. Then do it after a shower, because at that time the underarm skin retain moisture.

Time is the most precise shave the night. When the day evenings, our skin regeneration process, so recovery after shave faster and maximum. After shaving do not forget to apply baby oil or lotion with a mild and gentle formula, the goal for underarm skin is more relaxed.

We recommend using disposable razors. Do not use a razor after five times of use, advised to choose a razor that one time use. Again, to keep the skin not exposed to irritation and prevent underarm hair ingrown.

Shave her armpits including modern way to do. If you want to know how to remove underarm hair permanently, you can read our other article here remove underarm hair not growing anymore. A few of the ways to shave armpits without darkening, to whiten armpit you can do by using home remedies.

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