Nutrients needed to overcome the split ends

About Split Ends Hair Problem

Hair with split ends or in scientific term called as Trichoptilosis problem can be a dilemmatic situation faced by some people because it can be happened remedially but it cannot be totally removed and prevented to not come again.

This hair problem is caused by a condition in which there is a disorder of the copper transportation because of diseases or syndromes caused by some factors which are chemical and mechanical terms.

This problem is not big deal but has significant impact in someone’s confidence because it looks awful. Trichoptilosis can be happened because of some simple habits in treating hair and many people do not realize that the habits are the cause.

Stressing Actions Causing Split Ends

Some actions done related to hair will cause this problem, for instance in chemical actions of hair coloring products, curling, straightening  and the use of excessive heating when drying the hair can stress the hair. You daily treating habits for hair such as combing and brushing will be able to make the stress of the hair, for example, you force pulling the comb or repeatedly combing with hard material of comb or brush.

Remember about the psychological condition because unstable mind such as depression or stress can stimulate this problem to rise. This condition is actually cannot be repaired for 100% and it can come remedially.

Controlling Split Ends

The shortcut in dealing with this problem is by trimming the hair regularly but for some cases it can be very bothered. Controlling the problem maybe the best way and you should do several things. Avoid doing chemical process toward your hair.

You can start from stop using hair coloring products, stop straighten or curl your hair and avoid using hairdryer when drying the hair. Softening the way in combing or brushing and comb the hair only when you need will help. Stop bad habits of lifestyle and start healthy life style.

Nutrients to split ends

Nutrients needed to overcome the split ends. Proper nutrition for split ends on your hair, you should know to avoid split ends problem. Nutrition for split ends that need your consumption of natural ingredients such as fruits and vegetables and other natural sources such as animal protein. By understanding the necessary nutrients for the hair of course makes you more and know what the right kind of nutrition in the treatment of the hair to stay healthy and avoid the problem of split ends.

Have a healthy and beautiful hair must be hope for the women, with healthy hair can make women feel more confident. Another case when the women have even branched damaged hair, it is like a scourge that not even a little embarrassing women feel inferior in appearance even choose the type of short haircut to be the only option to avoid split ends problem.

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Keeping hair healthy for your hair not split ends you need to do, in addition to how to cope with hair branching by giving nutrients from outside, natural and essential substance that is able to nourish the hair extra. In addition to using essential to your hair from damage and split ends, it helps you also do nutrition from the inside. Nutrition for split ends that you can provide from within by consuming natural ingredients with vitamins and minerals and protein needed for your hair to stay awake health.

Nutrients needed to overcome the split ends

  1. Iron; Inadequate iron will need for your body to nourish the hair so as not branching. Iron which serves to carry oxygen in the blood so that more nutrients to smoothen your hair and avoid hair branching of problems. Raw foods contain iron needed by the hair can be sourced from red meat, dark leafy vegetables and legumes species.
  2. Vitamin A, B and C; Consumption of foods that have a high content of vitamins such as vitamin A, B and C. Contained vitamin of foods and fruits and vegetables to provide nutrients for the hair to stay healthy and not branched. Another benefit to the hair by eating foods rich in this vitamin can keep hair smooth and not broken and the hair shiny.
  3. Vitamin E; Nutrition for split ends you should consume foods that are high in vitamin E. Its properties as an antioxidant capable of keeping hair healthy. Natural sources can be found, from nuts and liver.

Nutrition for the split ends you need to provide for your hair in order to maintain his health condition. By performing hair care from the outside to avoid split ends problem certainly can not deliver maximum results without assisted by providing nutrition from within.

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