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Styling and Taking Care of Oily Hair

One type of hair that many people have is greasy hair. The problem of this type of hair is the hair so easy to get dirty, limp, no volume and look dull. Previously, we also have to explain about How to deal with oily hair and Home remedies for oily hair without washing. But this time we will explain the causes and how to styling the oily hair.

Currently, many solutions are offered by a variety of hair care products. However, it is good before looking for a solution to your hair, you should first identify the factors that cause oily hair. Various causes of oily hair you can read below.

take care greasy hair, take care oily skin, treating oily hair, remedies for oily hair

Causes of oily hair

  1. Oil glands, all humans have the oil glands in the head. The oil glands will produce oil (sebum) that comes out through the pores of the head. In some people, this sebum produced so much that it makes the scalp and hair so oily. If oily hair is caused due to the excessive sebum production, this can be overcome by using a shampoo for oily hair.
  2. Hand is a habit that can cause your hair oily. One of them, often stroking the hair by hand. Be careful with this habit, often touching the hair by hand can cause oily hair and loss. The hand is part of the body is dirty, as they may touch anything. Maybe you do not remember already holding food, or something that is very oily and straight hair rub into your hands. So, get used to not frequently touch the hair by hand. Other solutions, make sure hands are clean or wash hands before touching your hair.
  3. Food is the most important factor that often leads to the formation of oil on the scalp. If you frequently eat foods that are too high in oil, the body will react in a natural way and release it through the pores of the skin, including the head. To fix this, you should be more careful to adjust your diet and begin to reduce the intake of oily food.
  4. Impurities, when outside the room, the hair will be exposed to pollution, dirt, and smoke vehicles. Without realizing it, the vehicle emissions contain a few percent of the fuel oil. It will make the hair more sticky. The solution, use herbal shampoo regularly and also shampooing every day with a daily shampoo that suit you.

Oily hair is one condition of hair and will be quite inevitable too. But there are times when the oily hair happens more often and this is certainly not a nice thing to have. Some people may don’t have enough time in their hands to do the proper care of hair.

In the end, the hair becomes oily and eventually will smell bad. The oily condition of hair happens because of excess oil coming out of scalp. Although that oily scalp is something normal, when the excess oil becomes too much, it becomes a problem. A proper hair care is obviously needed here.

First thing that can be done is to check the hormones. Fluctuation in hormones plays a part in increasing sebum and consulting this matter to doctors is a good thing. Checking shampoo will become the second thing needs to be done.

The experts suggest shampoos with zinc or salicylic acid that often found in dandruff shampoos to keep the oily scalp in check. In order to keep oily hair in check, when shampooing hair, there is a need to massage hair a little bit and let shampoo for about 30 seconds before washing and clean the hair from shampoo.

Giving boost to hair is a good thing for treating oily hair. Volumizing hair spray and blowing hair dry upside-down can be done. Trying dry shampoo or also known as hair powder might give out a real good result. This is a special powder for the good hair care and prevents hair from falling flatly on head.

Some people even try to use a pinch of baby powder on hair when they can’t wash hair and oil is piling. The final thing that can be done is to cut the hair shorter to allow more support and voluminous hair.

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