Symptoms of red spots, red spots all over body, red spots on skin, red spots on body, cause of of red spots

What a causes of little red spots all over body?

What a causes of little red spots all over body? All of the people must experience itchy in their body. It is considered to be an annoying disease that might disturb your activity. Basically, this itchy can be caused by many reasons. The most common cause of this problem is the insect bites. Usually, it happens when you are sleeping at night.

Once you wake up in the morning, there will be some red spots on your body. Due to the insect bites, it will lead to the feeling of itchy. Besides, another cause is the allergies. Some people might have different allergy each other. If there is someone with cold allergy, the red spots will come once the weather is cold.

Symptoms of red spots, red spots all over body, red spots on skin, red spots on body, cause of of red spots

All of those causes make you to have an irritating sensation. Therefore, scratching becomes the most relieving action when you feel itchy. As a matter of fact, the best treatment should be done when there are some red spots on your body.

Someone who has sensitive skin types usually often experience a condition in which the skin appears red spots. However, in some cases, a person may not have sensitive skin but for some reason the skin has red spots. So, what a causes of little red spots all over body?

Causes of little red spots on body

Allergy; The most common condition that causes red spots on body is allergies. Usually there is red spots all over the body. Allergic reactions are usually also followed by the reaction of itching. There are several factors that can cause allergic skin reactions, such as inappropriate use of cosmetic ingredients, clothing, food, or weather (usually allergic to cold).

Dermatitis; Dermatitis is a skin inflammation characterized by skin symptoms to be red spots, dry, and in some cases cause itching. If dermatitis is not handled appropriately, it could be more severe skin condition. The skin will get blisters and become a scab. Dermatitis is not a contagious disease. Skin diseases are caused by various factors, including bacterial infections, genetic factors, immune system abnormalities, fungal infections, and so forth.

Prickly heat; Prickly heat is the cause of red spots on the skin that are often experienced by infants or children. Red spots caused by prickly heat will usually be found in areas of the skin that sweat a lot. In addition to little red spots on skin, usually some other symptoms will follow, such as itching and feeling hot.

Sun exposure; Radiation of sunlight has a negative impact on skin health. One of them can cause red spots on the skin. Even in some cases, ultraviolet light can cause pain in the skin. For that you should use sunscreen cream if you want to perform activities in the sun for a long time.

Dengue fever; One of the symptoms of dengue fever is the appearance of red spots on the skin. The main cause of the red spots is the result of bleeding in the body. Bleeding is caused by low platelet (Thrombocyte) levels. Thrombocyte is very important to accelerate the process of wound healing and blood clotting process. If platelet deficiency, the occurrence of bleeding can not be avoided.

Measles; The cause of red spots on the skin can also be caused by measles. The appearance of red spots on the body usually occurs after a few days of having a fever. In addition to fever and red spots on the skin, measles are also characterized by other symptoms such as watery eyes, fatigue, and sore throat.

To make you easier in determining the problem, here are some cause of red spots all over body. The red color becomes the most obvious sign in this disease. Also, it is also a bit of inflame. In some cases such as dermatitis, the symptoms are the skin will turn into pink or red rash. But, if it is just an allergy, the color is totally red and spread all over the body.

You should be aware when the skin is getting red and there is a white spot on the top. It can be called as Urticaria.When you are pressing it, the color will turn into white. Those are some symptoms of red spots that you can easily see. By knowing the symptoms, it is useful to determine the causes of little red spots all over body. So, you will be able to take the right action to heal it.

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