7 Types of food causes acne and oily skin on the face

To prevent acne you have to identify the type of food causes acne and oily skin on the face both on the cheek or on the forehead. Sometimes we just tried to remove acne, yet another acne started to appear. If you experience such it must again pay attention to the causes of acne and oily skin. It could have been caused by wrong food consumption.

Acne and oily skin problems not only due to lack of caring and cleaning the face area. However, it could be because we are less careful in consuming food. Indeed, some foods can cause acne oily skin on our face, for that you really need to know anything foods that cause acne and oily skin to be avoided.

Because there are some foods that actually increase the potential for the appearance of acne and oily skin on the face. So to get a smooth face without acne should you adjust your diet and make sure the food you eat does not cause acne and oily skin.

This article will recommend some foods that can cause acne and oily skin, so you can be aware and not indiscriminate eating if you want prevent acne and oily skin. In the previous article we explain how to treat acne and oily skin using face mask.

Types of food causes acne and oily skin on the face

Keeping the skin of acne and oily not as easy as we think about. Acne and oily skin not only due to excess hormones or dirty skin. But also due to certain foods or beverages that trigger acne and oily skin. This types of food causes acne and oily skin on the face:

  • Fast food, this food is not good for the body. In addition because it does not contain enough nutrition, fast food is also not guaranteed cleanliness. Therefore, as much as possible to avoid this kind of food if you do not want acne
  • Dairy product, all dairy products such as cheese, ice cream, chocolate, and yogurt can affect hormones in the body to produce acne. This is because such products have a high fat content. Glands of human skin itself has an enzyme that could turn into dihydrotestosterone hormone, triggering an increase in sebum in the skin glands. When sebum production is increased, it can lead to the appearance of acne.
  • Foods high protein, in general animal proteins have acidic properties. When the acid content in animal protein is absorbed by the skin, it will stimulate the growth of bacteria and parasites that could potentially cause acne. Red meat is one kind of food cause acne on the face and should be avoided or reduced. If you want to eat high protein foods, make sure you have a balance of acid and alkaline in the body.
  • Foods high in sugar, this is because the sugar can increase the hormone insulin which then causes inflammation at the cellular level. This situation will then be lowered immune function so that the body is very susceptible to bacterial infections. It should be understood that the bacterium is a major cause of acne. In addition, sugary foods can also reduce the level of skin elasticity.
  • Foods high in carbohydrates, the carbohydrates into the body to be processed into glucose and processed into glycogen as a reserve in the body. Humans are basically only requires a certain amount of glucose, so when carbohydrate consumption is excessive, it can cause acne even diabetes.
  • Caffeine, caffeine in coffee and other beverages that cause acne is the type of food that should be cut consumption. Caffeine can stimulate the adrenal gland that makes the stress level to be increased so that the skin prone to breakouts. In addition, caffeine also can cause sleep disorders. When someone is sleep deprived, then the process of recovery and disposal of poisons in the body will be inhibited so tend to have acne.
  • Iodine, iodine is the content that is often found in fish and other kinds of seafood. This is because the sea water contain iodine. When excessive iodine intake, it can affect the oil glands to make skin prone to irritation and lead to acne.

Better to prevent than cure, for removing acne will be more difficult than to prevent. Especially if you have to remove acne scars due to acne can leave dark spots on the face. In addition we also have some tips on how to remove acne and blackheads naturally.

Similarly, some types of food causes acne and oily skin on the face. All of the above food you should not avoid it completely. You just need to not eat excessively. Due to excessive certainly not good for health and skin. May be useful especially for those who have a sensitive face and oily.

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