Benefit from soursop leaves for health

Benefit of soursop, efficacy and benefits of soursop leaves for health. Soursop fruit contains many vitamins, but the most dominant in soursop fruit is vitamin C. Vitamin C requirement person /day (ie 60 mg), have been met only by consuming 300 grams of meat soursop fruit. The content of vitamin C is high enough on soursop fruit makes this a very good antioxidant to increase endurance and slow the aging process.

– Soursop leaves can cure cancer. According to research conducted by experts from the United States, stating that leaves soursop very good for the treatment of various diseases, especially cancer. In the study proves that the soursop leaves can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. As for some types of cancer that can be treated are claimed to breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer and 12 other types of cancer.

Benefits Of Soursop, benefits of soursop leaves, Nutrition Fact Of Soursop

– Soursop leaves can also be used as a gout medication. Many alternative medicine that uses soursop leaves for the treatment of gout. The trick with soursop leaves which are quite old but still green, about 6 to 10 pieces and then wash clean. Furthermore soursop leaf is cut in order to make sure the content on a leaf right out. The leaves are boiled with 2 cups water, simmer until the remaining 1 cup of water. Drink the herb twice a day ie morning and evening.

Benefits of soursop leaf to treat back pain. If you have a problem with your waist, try to make this soursop leaf herb. Take 20 soursop leaves and boil with 5 cups water. Allow to boil and the remaining 3 cups. Drink ¾ cups  this mixture 1 a day.

– Soursop leaves can help the immune system and avoid infection. The content contained in soursop leaves is believed to boost the immune system and prevent infection in the body. How, to prepare four fifths soursop leaves, boiled with 4 cups of water simmer until remaining 1 glass. Drink 1 a day.

– Benefits of soursop leaf to treat eczema and rheumatism. Mash until smooth soursop leaves and apply on the body part that feels pain or pain due to arthritis or eczema regularly twice a day.

Benefits of soursop leaf to treat ulcers. Pluck the soursop leaf and stick it on the body affected by ulcers.

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